It Is Sexist To Use Women In Advertising

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It is sexist to use women in advertising

Advertising in general is shown as a daily tool for consumption and social construct (gender), in an industrialized society with a perspective that idealizes and alienates the individual perversely, which is reflected in the different media. In addition, there is sexist advertising, which consists of using real -life images that are modified to show a distorted vision full of exhibitionism, gender relationships and roles traditionally defined by a society. All this is called mercial realism, which is adapted to the daily life of people so that it goes unnoticed and can generate an impact and thus, it is easier to mold in people’s thoughts an ideal and satisfactory way of women. From here, it starts with the idea that advertising exposes a type of woman that differs a lot from what she really is, that is, from which she is known every day. Therefore, the different roles of women in advertising and their problems such as their image, their position and their instrumentalization of mass consumption will be analyzed to identify how they can do or not a sexist advertising and what mechanism or strategies can be Implement for the non -development of these.

Therefore, it is evident that the image of the woman is shown as a perfect, powerful and winning mother, which is in a young age and maturity in which it should supposedly age, that over time has been demarcated as Multifaceted, that is, that it is the only responsible that can with everything related to the care of home and family, plus their work away from home, where it seeks the power to think, take control of different situations and impose itself; But she would be acting according to a man according to the expectations contemplated by traditionalist society and also, there is a situation of discrimination towards them, such as being in a state of pregnancy or having a disability or that so much experience and job training have. But after all this should not affect admission or inadmissibility towards a job; In addition to this, the woman must keep an atmosphere of family union and have time for all its members, since it comes from a generation that has an ideal that happiness is in the stable and without setbacks family nucleus, in order to acquire An alleged success position that must recognize, since, are idealized towards certain stereotypes where we always seek to establish femininity. With this ideal, it seeks to instill traditional values ​​to the new generations so that in the future they adapt to it.

Therefore, it is denoted that the woman’s position usually appears in the sphere of the private, that is, she can be a political scientist, writer or lawyer among others. Here it can be evidence. Therefore, this would delegitimize the message and the goals they want to convey to society in general. On the other hand, in the sphere of the public, domestic responsibilities are attributed to him, with which it is shown that they are below the positioning of man and that in many cases, they appear as the expert to whom we must attend to allegedly know How to better do the entrusted task. And in addition, there are leisure stereotypes that women share and that combine these two spheres already mentioned that is that they appear interested in valuables, such as their personal aspect or also have conversations that are classified as superficial and banal, since they mention husbands, lovers or other romantic relationship, but it is curious that they do not appear doing sports or dedicating themselves to a simple reading, although this differs in many cases depending on their diversity.

On the other hand, the instrumentalization of women in society is observed, which develops from its eroticization, both in early childhood by giving them positions that do not correspond to them away from their childhood, as in the violent exhibitionism of the adult woman where it appears perversely and subordinated on the ground or in bed with her eyes to a man. These dynamics use an ideal of beauty established as that of being thin, without wrinkles or cellulite, which does not meet the existing diversity, but that they are typecast in an attractive prototype to the public, that is, they sell them as an object of cost for that consumer’s desire will become and thus become a simple instrument, which would be lost as a person within a society.

Already having detailed the role of women in advertising will be shown, such as identifying sexist advertising and also how to avoid the development of these. At first, sexist advertising should not promote models with traditionally established roles, nor set beauty standards that supposedly reflect success, nor represent the female body as an object of desire and that is full of imperfections that should be corrected with aesthetic surgeries Nor place women to a positioning of submission or dependence or inferiority towards men, nor show women as unable to control their desires and wills, that is, to be shown as they are naturally without being violated for it Nor attempt against their rights and values ​​regulated in the Constitution, nor show a wrong vision of women with disabilities contributing to non -sensitization so that they have an optimal treatment and also not use a language that excludes them. And in a second moment, it is avoided creating sexist advertising by proposing more appropriate ones, such as the diversity of women, also that gender roles are not associated with sex, that it is something more natural in both genres, also That the relationships between men and women are not only of attraction or seduction, but of solidarity and mutual attention, both at work, and at times of rest, but also that girls’ papers change and do not lose their childhood, also also that women are aware of the rights they can exercise as citizens and also know that they can be self-sufficient models that know they seek without male help.

In conclusion, it is observed that in the world sexist advertising through the mass media has influenced the growth of violence, of bad education in terms of gender and values ​​both for early childhood and adults and also The messages transmitted to society incite an ideal of beauty, which is unreal and causes problems of self – esteem and insecurity in women.

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