Israeli Palestinian Peace And Conflict

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Israeli Palestinian peace and conflict

Peace can be achieved only through negotiations that close the gaps and resolve all pending issues. In order for negotiations to be possible and have any possibility of success, terrorism and Palestinian incitement, supported by Arab countries, they must be set aside.

Israel has always been arranged for commitment and all Israeli governments have been willing to make great sacrifices for the good of peace. However, peace requires both parties and measures that create trust. Just as Israel wishes to access the rights and interests of the Palestinians, Israel also has its own rights and interests that must be answered. When Israel met in the past with Arab leaders such as President Sadat of Egypt and King Hussein of Jordan, who spoke the language of peace with their peoples and were willing to adopt concrete steps for commitment, Israel reached agreements with them And peace was achieved.

Only negotiations between the parties can lead to peace. The attempts of the Palestinians and some Arab countries of forcing Israel to accept the Palestinian demands or the UN resolutions of the UN, promoted by the Arab countries, do not bring the parties to peace. Resolutions 242 and 338 of the United Nations Security Council, which all parties in the region accepted, provide an important format to carry out negotiations for a permanent agreement. Israel has also declared, provided that certain important conditions are met, its willingness to implement roadmap measures. But the road map will only operate if the Palestinians fulfill their obligations, something that they have not begun to do, especially when it comes to dismantling the terrorist infrastructure and ending the incitement, as required by the first stage of the sheet of the sheet of the sheet of Route.

Reaching peace requires the creation of a positive atmosphere, free of terrorism and incitement and promoting efforts for the scope of mutual understanding. Israel has often adopted measures aimed at helping to improve the living conditions of the Palestinians and the rehabilitation of the Palestinian economy. Israel has done and is willing to make new gestures of goodwill as measures to create trust – such as the relief of restrictions by removing barriers in the roads, raising closures, allowing Palestinians to work in Israel and withdrawing from Palestinian cities. Israel is willing to carry out these steps provided that Israeli security is not harmed and that the Palestinians do not respond with terrorism.

Positive steps that are adopted by Arab countries will also help generate a positive atmosphere, such as the revitalization of multilateral contacts and the Barcelona process, which aim to promote regional cooperation. A positive movement and cooperation in matters that affect the lives of all those who live in the region will contribute psychologically to address the difficult political issues that need to be studied and resolved.

Finally, peace must mean the resolution of all demands and the end of the conflict. Once a peace agreement is reached, a new page must be opened and the relations between Israel and the Palestinians, as well as Israel’s relations with all its neighbors must enter a new path characterized by dialogue and cooperation, and Not for antagonism and confrontation. 

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