Isaiah’S Book And God’S Expansion

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Isaiah’s book and God’s expansion

As we have seen in this Isaiah study, it is a totally clear book in God’s plan to redeem man. As our professor said it, Isaiah is the book of the Old Testament most similar to the New Testament, it is a book cited more than 50 times in the New Testament and this indicates its relevance in the messianic prophecy and God’s salvation plan.

Isaiah presents several important aspects in God’s redemptive plan regarding Jesus Christ since he announces his coming, the essence of his birth (which was going to be virginal), the details of his death, the second coming, among others.

In a first part of the book Isaiah recounts the message to repentance due to the sins of the people. He warns them about the trial that would fall on them because of their idolatry, their infidelity, their injustice and rebellion. There is a very transcendental chapter that tells us a lot about redemption, and it is the personal conviction of our sin.

In Chapter 6, Isaiah experiences something that we must all experience at some point in our life and that is that in our encounter with God we can realize that in the face of Holiness, what we deserve is death and recognize our condition before him (“Ohfrom my").

Subsequently Isaiah tells us that God’s judgment would not be only for Israel, but for all the nations of the earth. Start specifying Israel’s enemies, geographically nearby nations and then the rest of the world. At this point we can begin to see that the character of God’s redemption plan for man is general, that is, it is for all, not only for his people or for nations that have hurt the people. In the same way, this coming judgment reported as the day of the Lord, specifies that God’s redemption plan has a subsequent judgment to the messianic provision that was promised to us, that is, this plan not only remains in deathand the resurrection of Jesus, but would be completed with his second coming and his judgment to the entire world.

Finally we see the message of hope for anyone who has put his trust in the true God and has accepted his provision, Jesus Christ. Regarding the people, God reminds them that He is still God, and that his exile was caused by his own sin, not because God would have failed, on the contrary, God loves them so much that he was going to give them hope through a seedthat would give light to all nations from Jerusalem. The figure of God’s servant is that Jesus who was going to reconcile with God. Isaiah describes the restoration of Israel, what he was going to be for the world (Luz), which was going to be rejected and murdered but was going to live again. This servant of God was going to bring salvation to everyone, not only Israel and as a conclusion we are told that as humans we have two paths, believe and humiliate ourselves before him, or resist and reject him.

In conclusion, God’s plan was going to expand to everyone, not only to the people of Israel.

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