Isaac Newton, Discoveries And Life

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Isaac Newton, Discoveries and Life

‘If I have seen beyond others, it is for stopping on the shoulders of giants’.

The mathematician was born an early morning of December 25, 1642 prematurely with little chances of surviving, but under every forecast he became an illustrious man, blessed by El Salvador.

During his childhood he was raised by his maternal grandmother because his mother again married Barnabás Smith and the subsequent death of his stepfather triggered a strong trauma for the littlewho studied at The King’s School under the SR guardianship. Stokes, at 18 years of age, entered the Trinity College of the University of Cambridge to study mathematics under Isaac Barrow’s tutelage.

Newton is completely dedicated to the study of mathematics where it makes transcendental discoveries in the field of calculation as progress in the differential and comprehensive calculus. During 1687, Newton amparo the rights of the University of Cambridge against King Jacobo II and, he was chosen as a member of Parliament.

After being a teacher for about thirty years.

During 1693, Issac Newton suffered a mental sinking because he suspected that his teammates were confabulating. Thus, work hard five consecutive nights, suffering a nervous collapse due to its depression

But despite his fragile mental health, his reputation remained intact and soon offered him an important position. Director of La Moneda in 1696 was also selected as president of the Royal Society in 1703 and in 1705 he was consecrated as a gentleman by Queen Ana, in remuneration to the favors provided to England

Thus, Newton would become the most extraordinary representative of the new physics and modern science, where both mathematics and experimentation are primary aspects of the scientific method because it did not intend to explain the causes of the movement but to describe and predict the proceedingof nature through mathematics.

Finally, after an extensive and hard life inclined to the prosperity of science and the understanding of the universe, Issac died on March 31, 1727 at 84 years in London. Eight days after his death in April 1727, he received the tribute of being the first scientist buried in Westminster Abbey.

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