Ireland Island And Its Continent

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Ireland Island and its continent


The island of Ireland after the Eurasian continent of the Atlantic Ocean and does for Cape Mizen. Thus becomes a very special part of the country, where the earth binds for the last time with the great mass of water. Cape Mizen is in one of the small peninsulas surrounding the country. It belongs to the Carbery district, and despite not being so frequented by tourists, this area of ​​large cliffs has nothing to envy to other nearby. It is a good way to go to know the coast of Ireland and at the same time move away from the bustle of tourist areas. 


Of course, if you give you vertigo the heights may have a hard time crossing the bridge or when approaching the big cliffs. The peculiarities of Cape Mizen. If Mizen Cape is known in Ireland, it is because it is one of the ends of the island, specifically the point that is located further south. In fact, when talking about geography and the longest length is mentioned from end to Ireland, what is said is the distance between Cape Fair after Cape Mizen or, failing that, from Cape Malin after Capo Mizen. Of this belief, the reality is different. 

Cabo Mizen is practically at the southern end of the island, which really shows this characteristic of being the most south is the close Cape Brow. People who want to know the best landscapes of the Ireland coast usually visit Kerry County, so the rest of the areas are clearer. 

This makes your visit to Cape Mizen. Of civilization where the earth gives the prominence to the ocean. This is the lighthouse, which gives some amazing panoramic photographs of a story. 

There is also a weather station and a signaling station, the latter with a museum inside. Everyone would want to live. Inside the peninsula are Goleen, Schull and Ballydehob, but you can also visit others that serve as Durrus, where you can take a lid of its traditional cheese. 


If you go to this Ireland area, before knowing Cape Mizen, you can see other wonderful places such as Barleycove beach, close to another town that you must visit, Crookaven. This beach is full of sand dunes, which are often home to several species. For this reason, it is considered a special conservation area. The bridge to reach the last rock of Cabo Mizen must cross a bridge that nobody leaves indifferently. Going on the great cliffs for this iron construction requires some courage. 

And whoever will have its prize, because you can enjoy spectacular views. In him you will learn everything about the history of the peninsula and the importance of the berros in this part of Ireland. The price is not high and this experience becomes a good form of complementarity your visit to Cape Mizen. Walking next to them or simply sit while listening to the sea breeze or see how the waves break on the coast is the true essence in your visit to Cape Mizen.

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