Iraq: Men As The Main Victims

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Iraq: men as the main victims


In many parts of the world there are more cases of abuse in women than in men, so it is surprising that in Iraq there are so many male records, because they decided not to remain silent in the situation and express the bad experience lived. By avoiding public escarnio, many abused people prefer to silence their problem, without thinking that a time confession can avoid major damage in the future.

After doing surveys to several countries and territories of the Arab world, he threw an unexpected result. In Iraq, there are more men who have informed to suffer verbal sexual harassment and physical sexual assault. A boy who does not reveal his identity tells his story. Sami who is not his true name when he was 13 years old was in his school’s bath when he was surprised by three students older than him, between 15 and 17 years, they cornered him against the wall and touched him. He paralyzes the situation being shock, then reacts and begins to shout desperately.


What happened alert to others, who called the school director. For its part, the educational institution decided to expel the aggressors, but without informing the parents the reason or nature of the attack. This young Sami was sexually attacked for the first time at age 13 in the school bathroom. When the director called Sami to his office, he felt them as a second attack.

In school they told him that he would treat this fact as a consensual sexual incident and that he was lucky not to be expelled with his attackers. The boy had another chance to stay. Everyone thought they were acting in collusion with them, he said. Sami shocked and overwhelmed by the attack, makes the decision not to contract anything to his family, everything happened to himself.

Shocked and overwhelmed by the attack, Sami decides not to tell his family, keeping himself and barely communicate for months. When Sami is 15 years old, his father had died just over a year. It was a great impact for the family this loss because he was the one who took money to the house for all.

Sami grew in the Iraqi province of Babylon. The death of his dad obliges Sami to go to work. He found a job in a store in the local market. Then he happened again, the store owner had great attention with him, causing discomfort in Sami. One day, they were alone in the store, and the owner of the store cornered him and tried to kiss him and caress him. Sami dominated by the impulses left a glass jar on his head and ran.

After leaving that job, it took a year to get another one, the owner’s comments affected him, although he never knew what he said. When Sami is 16 years old while his mother and brothers were far away, a cousin came to visit him. Sitting next to Sami, his cousin takes out the cell phone and begins to see pornographic images in front of him. Suddenly he grabs him, hits him and abuses him.

The attack was strong for Sami, he remembered him too much to the point that he convinced his relatives to move and get away from the family. The attacks caused trauma to Sami, which led him to avoid romantic relationships. He began to have friends and not to continue carrying this load alone, he decides to tell his friends what had happened to him for years. By telling a small group of friends the answer was unexpected, Sami realized that he was not alone in the experience, because many of them had also suffered harassment or some sexual assault.


In ten Arab countries, including Palestinian territories, a greater number of men who reported having suffered sexual, verbal or physical aggression. In Iraq 39% of men expressed have experienced verbal sexual harassment, compared to 33% of women. Also a greater number of Iraqi men reported having suffered domestic violence. A greater number of Iraqi men also reported having experienced domestic violence.  

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