Inventions And Discoveries Of Leonardo Da Vinci

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Inventions and discoveries of Leonardo Da Vinci


With his study of the ideal proportions of the body, it is a drawing with annotations on the anatomy of the human body on a circle and on a square and the notes with specular writing, this model represents the return to harmony and the ideal ideal forms to the ideal formsAnd the interest in man as the center of the world, typical of the Renaissance worldview. The air screw, flying design, precursor of the helicopter, this machine should fly if it is subjected to the necessary rotation, since the propeller shape allows to turn the air and rise, with wire structure that defines the helical shape with a cover of fabric of fabric oflinen on wooden radios. 


Cars with stoppages, a gun that consisted of blades installed in a car pulled by horses to amputate members of people and leave fatal injuries, with very sharp blades that could cross the shell of the enemy enemy soldiers. The car presented a sketch on a car in approximately 1480, it did not have the function of current vehicles, but it was a machine dedicated to scenic use, this project was based on spring propulsion, two spiral springs are placed underneath belowOf some horizontal wheels, these wheels are matched and transmit energy to the challenge of machine mechanisms.

Combat car, outlined and materialized a car with a movement system and a row of guns placed in circumference, the movement was operated by an ingenious cranks and teeth system, this tank was questioned its effectiveness on the battlefield, since the force to move it should be very large and only official in a smooth field. Machine gun, devised different machine gun projects by having several cannons together in a mobile structure, each pipe could be shot in a coordinated way with others, so that the power increased considerably considerably.

The disadvantage of this project was at the time of projectile recharge. The underwater scanfandra designed a diver suit with leather that connected to an air sleeve that was manufactured in cane, in turn it connected with a campaign that floated on the surface, this scientist designed it so thoroughA bag to urinate while diving. Boat of Palas, designed novel vessels based on new propulsion systems, Leonardo’s originality gave magnificence in the nautical field he received many orders for hydraulic engineering for which for the war and commercial needs.

It is a system of rotating straws moved by a mechanical system with pedal propulsion destined to be used in vessels that sail for rivers and channels. Parachute, Leonardo was one of the first to emerge an artifact that we now know as parachute, instruments that will allow us a safe fall at a lower speed, conceived by means of resistance against air, currently the parachute has round and rectangular shapes, but inThe Da Vinci design has a pyramidal shape, applied its studies of the behavior of weights and the proportions of the human body. 

Flying machine, Da Vinci was based on taking the flight in a scientific way, designed mechanical wings and studied the shape of flying animals, his intention was to analyze the real flight to imitate it, enhancing its characteristics, the mechanisms of the gadget are set in motion bythe forces and movements of the pilot that is placed in horizontal position. Odometer, a mechanical tool whose function was to measure distances, has the shape of a car dragged by an operator to make the measurement on the ground directly, the device had a vertical wheel that transmits the movement to a large central wheel, this pieceI had holes through which some balls entered.

When a wheel cycle was completed, a ball fell by underly. Multiple bombard, a circular structure in which gangs of cannons are placed on a platform, another war machine, has internal mechanisms that allow the maneuverability of the set of the apparatus on the water, the cannons were found on the racks and protected by a roof. Rotating bridge, in its sketches there is a bridge is fixed on the banks on one side of the river on a vertical bolt that allows the turn.

The movement is carried out on a system of ropes, wiped and rollers, the purpose is to move the bridge to allow the navigation of the ships and to isolate one of the banks in a war situation. Scientific method he used, Da Vinci never received a formal education, something that, far from being a disadvantage, allowed him to create his own methods of approaching knowledge and question the dogmas. Scholastic theologians of the Middle Ages had merged Aristotelian science with Christianity, leaving a little margin in research and experimentation.’Leonardo continued and broke with this tradition by based his science first on observations.

Then in discerning patterns and then in testing validity by more observations and experiments. He even proposed to repeat the experiments and vary them to verify their validity, and use prior knowledge as a theoretical framework. In other words, he was at the forefront of the scientific revolution that marked the end of medieval superstition. He designed the three trone cannon, although his thought was pacifist, he designed a cannon that could rotate on an axis, to have a reserve row while the other was being loaded, dividing into three rows of 11 cannons each, this system allowedThe soldiers shoot without interruption;In the design of the giant crossbow.

It proposes to measure 35 meters long, it would have six wheels and the arch would be made of fine wood for flexibility. He explained the presence of mollusc fossils at the peaks of the mountains, saying that the mountains should have been under the current coastline, and that over time they moved in gradual elevations, leaving aside the flood as a reason fortheory. He raised the first total and illustrated description of the dark camera and the way it works in a camera, where the closed box that had a lens that closed its front part, allowed the photographer to direct it to where he wanted, to copy the image into aSemitransparent sheet, supported by a glass located on the top.


He proposed a plan to create an ideal city as beautiful as Saluba, which included relocating the entire population of Milan in ten new cities designed and built from zero, to disperse its great agglomeration, designed public toilets with latrines that include tilting seats to increaseHygiene. He was one of the first to systematically study the reasons why the walls crack. He raised a city full of sannelled areas and water pipes, the theoretical city was based on functional criteria and following the balance criteria of the proportions.

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