Invention Of The Nuclear Weapon: Manhattan Project

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Invention of the Nuclear Weapon: Manhattan Project

The Manhattan project would allow him to play a hegemonic role in the international relations of the postwar world. It was during the postdam conference when Truman communicated to his ally Stalin the success of the nuclear test. Apparently Stalin showed no major surprise – their espionage services had already been informed of the existence of the Manhattan project

It has been speculated, and is still speculated, with the idea that the launch of the bomb was also a first warning from the United States to the Soviet Union8, prefiguring the conflict that since 1947 would unleash each other when the cold war broke out, the lengthAnd transcendental confrontation for world hegemony that Raymond Aron described long ago as "an improbable state of war and impossible peace"

«It is not easy to specify at what time the cold war began. There were no surprise attacks, no war statements, not even rupture of diplomatic relations. The atomic weapon, which had put such a tragic brooch to World War II contributed to the division in Europe becoming a reality.

The Soviet Union developed its own nuclear investigations. The borodino operation had begun in 1942 when Stalin knew that the United States and Great Britain worked in a uranium bomb. But the problem was that they did not have enough uranium on Soviet soil. As explained by Antony Beevor in a recent work, the taking of Berlin by Soviet soldiers included among its objectives to get the German uranium, which was stored at the Institute of Physics Káiser Guillermo II in the southwest of the city, and capture scientistsGerman nuclear to give the definitive impulse to the borodino operation. They got it in August 1949 and it was on September 23 of that year when the USSR confirmed that he had exploded in the Kazakstan desert his first nuclear weapon. By then the Cold War had already exploded.

From the moment the Soviet Union managed to manufacture the atomic bomb and the H bomb, the nuclear war ceased to be a real threat, as it would be equivalent to a mutual suicide, but it became, as Hobsbawm points out, in a propaganda threat. The "communist conspiracy", the alleged Soviet plot to destroy the United States constitutes the "imperialist conspiracy" denounced by the Soviet Union, the foundation of the logic of the Cold War. 

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