Intimacy, A Fundamental Right

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Intimacy, a fundamental right

Intimacy is a properly human need that refers to the most internal aspects of a person or a group of people at the physical, psychological or spiritual level that cannot be known or used by others freely without the previous permission of the individuals involved. The intimacy of people was considered a fundamental right in the mid -twentie. Every person has the right to the protection of the law against such interference or damages ”, which determines that everything that belongs to the field of privacy must be considered confidential and therefore cannot be freely disclosed.

In medicine for a long time with the Hippocratic oath “I will silence everything that in the exercise of the profession and even fura can see or hear, that it has no need to be disclosed, estimating that these things are entitled to the secrets of the mysteries“And the professional medical secret has sought to preserve respect and the right to intimacy of people. Currently, these terms have evolved and there is talk of confidentiality which not only depends on the good clinical practices of medical staff, but also requires all personnel who have contact with patients to maintain patient privacy and prohibit dissemination does notAuthorized data referring to the same. For this, several laws have been implemented in the Constitution that speak explicitly of the obligation of the health personnel to ensure the protection of patients’ privacy. Some examples are: Law 23 of 1981, article 37 "The doctor is obliged to keep professional secrecy in everything that has heard or understood by exercise …" and Law 23 of 1981, article 39 "The doctor must ensurebecause its assistants keep professional secrecy. You must shelter all people who due to their profession or state have access to this confidential information ”.

This topic was chosen to discuss in this essay, since it currently appears as one of the ethical problems that have been increasing thanks to technological advancement, and the systematization of information and the medical records of patients. The above happens since although there are laws such as the law that stipulates that "the medical history is a private document under reserve that can only be known by third parties with prior authorization of the patient or in cases provided by law", andpremises that affirm that the duty of confidentiality goes beyond the commitment not to disseminate confidential information;Includes the responsibility of ensuring that the patient’s written information is maintained safely. Confidential records should not be left where other people may have casual access to them and patient information should be sent under private and confidential coverage, with appropriate measures to ensure that it does not deviate. (Appointment), there are behaviors and actions in health personnel that often puts the privacy of patients at risk due to a lack of information regulation (appointment). 

Likewise, the same lack of regulation of systematized information does not allow us to ensure that people who access the medical history or information of a patient are only those related to their care, it has been seen that in many, if notThe majority of the health care centers The patient information is documented as electronic documents to which all medical care providers can access without any restriction, without any policy or any type of follow -up that allows controlling who has accessto patient information (appointment).  Now, knowing this the question would be what can hospitals do to improve this situation?. It is evident that the systematization of information and the implementation of technology in the management of medical information has represented a great advance for the reconciliation of the information and data of the patients, allowing more effective communication between doctors, nurses,Pharmaceutical personnel and in general the staff of the Health Area in search of only more homogeneous and higher quality for patients. 

However, for the reasons previously appointed, the most intimate information of the patients may be too exposed and freely accessible.To the medical records, the type of information that must be disseminated based on the referred and legally sent. Confidentiality in medical care refers to the obligation of professionals who have access to records or communication of the patient to maintain that information in confidence form.

This issue is very important for my professional life since despite the fact that all those involved in the care of patients have knowledge of the right to privacy and privacy of patients, every day it looks as the situations are indiscriminately commented on by the hospitalfrom the patients. Similarly, as previously stated for the management of patient information by treating doctors and their entire team (residents, internal and students) control systems have been implemented such as “censuses” in whichThere is intimate and private information of the patient that compensates for the treating doctor, however, in many occasions there is no proper management of this material and can fall into the hands of people who have nothing to do with the patient’s handling. 

It is for these and many more reasons that it seems vital to address this issue to be able to evidence as with acts that we consider harmless and to those who do not pay due attention we can be violating the privacy of the patients and violating their intimacy. Finally, it is in the hands of all to ensure confidentiality with the patients either following the policies or guidelines that the health center for information protection has, or better, being aware of the importance and how valuable the intimacy of aPatient and from this manages to stop conducting behavior that invades it as they comment on stories of patients with other people indiscriminately, enter stories that do not compete, be careless with the management of information and that can fall into the hands of who should nothave knowledge of the same. Undoubtedly, technology is something that will continue to advance exponentially and that provides exceptional improvements to the health area, however, it is completely our responsibility to train, teach and regulate the vital of respect for patient intimacy.   

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