Interstellar, Critical Comment Of The Film

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Interstellar, critical comment of the film

 The film begins with the story of a girl who with some melancholy remembers the story of her father.

Cooper was the father of Murph and Tom, he was a pilot and some time ago he suffered an accident in the ship he was driving, this fact led him to stop being a pilot and start working on the farm as the majority of the majority of the majority ofpeople.

Due to the amount of pests that exis.

At the breakfast Murph asked his father to fix the replica of the module that I give her, and according to her the ghosts of the shelf, her brother Tom made fun of her and her father did not believe her because she said that they were imaginations of her.

Donald Grandfather of his children reminds Cooper that he has a tutoring, going to school they are struck a tire while they were going to fix it, observe that a drone of the Indian Air Force passes that works with the solar panels, he manages to control with his computermaking it land on the shore of a lake.

Once at school, Tom’s teacher informs Cooper that his son has a great interest in being a farmer, this is happy because, although this career is not to his liking is what fills his son with happiness.

After this, the teacher of Murph arrives who announces that her daughter carried an old book about the lunar missions an old book in which information is written different from what this topic covers today, Cooper did not agree because heHe is scientific and knows that this information is not false.

After the conversation with the teacher, Cooper received a call from the grandfather who tells her that the harvesters were damaged, Cooper quickly heads for his house, thought that something interfered with the compass that led him to his daughter Murph’s room when he entered when he enteredIn the room some books of the shelf fell.

The next day the Cooper attends a baseball match which was taking place normally, but suddenly a huge sand storm appeared, they were quickly looking for their car to return as quickly as possible home, once insideThe glasses and masks were placed from the car, when they arrived home they checked that the windows are closed but one was not and is that of Murph’s room, when entering the Murph room and his father realizes that the sand formed inThe ground some lines, as a conclusion Cooper thought that this occurred by gravity and that what was on the ground were coordinates.

Cooper decides to go to the place where the coordinates are directed, Murph asks her to take her but her father does not want, however she does not obey him and hidden from him climbs to the car, after a short Cooper route, he realizes that his daughter isIn the car but he has nothing left to resign and take it with him, after a long journey they reach the site where Cooper coordinates go down from the car and observe a fence which was going to cut it but before they do it, someLights and men tell him to move away from the fence he does it but immediately retain him and force him to enter with his daughter.

Once Cooper is interrogated by a robot, who asked her how she got to that place, but Cooper did not planHe says that everything they want to know will answer, but only if they let his daughter see.

Then they take him to a room in which his daughter surrounded by several people is located in which Dr. Brand is who asks how to find the most secret place in the world, Cooper refused to answer but after they explained thatThey are from NASA he began to collaborate and little by little he learned what they do there, they told him that they were doing an experiment and that they wanted to start a trip to the universe but the problem was that they did not have a good pilot, they planned to undertake the trip without a professional pilot attending to the consequences, but Cooper is his hope and asked him to be the one who pilot the ship at the beginning I doubt it but after thinking well he decided that if he would make the trip along with them.

Romilly explains that 50 years ago they began to notice several gravitational anomalies and deformations in the atmosphere, among all these anomalies they found a saturn fence, an alteration of time space, a worm hole that can take them to another galaxy.

Cooper and all the scientists who were at that time think that this hole cannot arise naturally, but that someone placed it there to help them, because it appeared just when they needed it most, 10 years ago they had already sent 12 probes the Missions Lázaro, to be able to explain the presence of other habitable worlds.

Amelia informs Cooper who has 2 plans: the plan to which it was to carry most of the people who can carry a ship, and a plan B which consisted of carrying a population bomb with more than 5000 fertilized ovules.

They explained to Cooper that the first gravitational anomalies told them that gravity could be controlled and that he is working in an equation on this.

When they return to the very angry Murph farm, he enters his room because he did not agree that his father made that trip.

Cooper goes to talk to his daughter who was crying and tells his father that I interpret one of the words of the books that Stay said (stay), however, his father ignored him, Cooper gave him a clock equal to theHers and tells him that when they see them again, they will compare them then in other galaxies, and it may be that when they see each other again they have the same age.

He says goodbye to his son Tom who asks him to take care of the farm and Donald who takes care of his children, after saying goodbye to his car and heads where those of NASA are.

Once on the ship next to Amelia, Doyle, and Romilly knows that he will live together for a long time because the trip is very long, once inside the ship Dr. Brand communicates to them that it will take 2 years to reach Saturn.

The first planet to visit is the planet of Miller, then that of Dr. Mann, and finally that of Edmunds.

In his trip Cooper sent and received messages, but Murph refused to send him a message what made him become sad.

They begin to enter the wormhole, within which the controls stop working.

They decide to go to the planet Miller, but Cooper does not like this idea because on this planet gravity slows down much more time, every hour on that planet means 7 years on planet Earth, however, that is the mission of its trip as wellWhat should go.

Once inside the planet Amelia, Doyle and Case El Robot, they get off the ship in search of Miller, but all they found is remains of their ship, they continued looking for remains of the ship but Cooper realizes that a huge wave approachesBecause of this, he asks them to immediately return to the ship, Brand to continue looking for the rest does not obey it and stay stagnant under a rest of the ship thereTo the ship with Brand and give to help her to enter the ship he stays out and is dragged by the wave causing his death.

Cooper is exasperated because they lost a lot of time and that implies that on the planet Earth some years have passed, once the ship engines work immediately Cooper light it to leave that planet, when they arrive next to Romilly they find out that they have already passed23 years and 4 months since they entered the planet Miller, Romilly informs them that they continue to receive messages, but that theirs cannot be sent.

Cooper started reviewing his messages The first was from Tom who tells him that it is the second best in his class and that he met a girl, as on Earth the Tom years continued to have married and also taught his granddaughter,Murph still did not want to tell him anything.

Another message that she reviews is years later in which Tom informs her that her granddaughter died and the grandfather years before, the burial was attended by Murph who does not see her very often.

The last message is one of Murph who tells him that he was very upset with him for that reason he had not sent any message, but that day was a special date because it is his birthday, he fulfilled the same age as him, and that would be a goodmoment to return.

Because they do not have enough fuel to travel to the two planets that they lack have to decide which of them Iran, the dr. Brand wanted to go to the planet of Edmunds, but Cooper thought that she wantedto the planet of DR. Mann.

Meanwhile on Earth Murph visits his brother and realizes that his nephew is sick, he asks his brother to take care of how he refuses that.

Murph leaves his brother’s house and goes to the dr. Brand who is on the verge of death, but before he dies he tells Murph to forgive him for having lied to him and that there was no reason for his father to return, that there is no way to help them in their plan A, because whatof the equation is impossible.

Murph decides to send another message to the DR. Brand in which he informed him of his father’s death and told him that he already knows the truth, that they were deceived and let them die suffocated on the planet Earth.

Cooper the DR. Bran and Romilly arrive at DR planet. Mann wake him up because he was winning happy hugs them and tells them that he thought his destiny was to die there because his ship was damaged and thought that no one else would go to that planet.

Informs them that the planet could be habitable, while they were happy talking to the dr. Brand comes the message that Murph sent him in which after informing him of his father’s death he asks Cooper if he also knew everything and still abandoned her.

Amelia assures Cooper not knowing anything about what he speaks, but dr. Brand tells them that he did know what it is about, because Amelia’s father never had the hope of being able to get people out of the earth, he also tells them that before he undertook his journey. Brand had already resolved the equation but failedThe Earth thought it was better to save the species, Cooper upon learning of all this asked them to let it return to Earth.

Murph tells Getty her boyfriend the whole truth, that the equation is not 100% resolved and that to solve it they need black holes, but not that they do not tell them the truth because they do not want to sow panic in the people, he also tells himthat she still does not losing hope because the ghost as she calls her who is in her room is the one who helps her save humanity.

Cooper will return to Earth and Romilly recommends that on his return he stops in the black hole and try to accumulate all possible data because that will help scientists who are on Earth.

Before returning Cooper with the DR. Mann come out to a place where waves expelled to fix three locations, one for the Brand laboratory and the other two to serve as a habitat.

While they were walking the dr. Mann tried to convince Cooper not to leave, but he was firm in his decision, because of this the dr. Mann takes away the transmitter to Cooper and pushes it, but before falling he holds from the doctor what causes the two to fall, Cooper does not understand why the doctor does this, but immediately begins to understand him because the doctor tells him thatHe cannot let him leave because he needs the ship to be able to return to the earth because the planet he is in is uninhabitable and so that they do not realize that he had falsified all the data.

On Earth Murph goes to her brother’s house with her boyfriend because she needed to go to her room she knew that she could find something, once in the house she asks her boyfriend for her to review her sister -in -law and her nephewWhoever gladly does it, while he reviewed them she went to her room, in a few hours she goes down and goes to the room where everyone finds her to see her Getty informs her that her sister -in -law and her nephew need to make it urgently seeThey are very sick, she asks them to make their suitcases to take them to a place where they can attend them, just before they make their bags, their brother arrives who prevents him from taking his family and very annoying tells him to leave hishouse and never think about returning.

On the planet Miller Cooper and the DR. Mann are fighting, but the doctor is the one who carries the advantage and begins to hit the Cooper’s helmet which causes this helmetA lot of difficulty manages to get there to ask Amelia help, immediately she gets up in a small ship to be able to go in search of Cooper.

Amelia manages to get where Cooper is quickly off the ship and runs to him to be able to place a respirator, once the respirator has helped him get on the ship, inside this Cooper with a lot of difficulty tells Amelia aboutWhat happened to DR. Mann.

Romilly was at the Central trying to examine the data stored by Mann that made no sense, at that time he receives the call from Amelia that tries to warn him, but just when he was warning the plant exploding ending with Romilly’s life.

As Murph moved away from his brother’s house, he decidedto his sister -in -law with his son.

Tars the robot that was with Romilly manages to flee and climb the ship, it informs them that the dr. Mann is trying to put the ranger in orbit.

Mann manages to reach the endurance, to which he tried to coupling could not because the coupling sequence is blocked, because of this he cannot open the hatch, however, the treatment of doing so, Cooper warns that he does not open it because if he does thisIt will cause an explosion, the doctor ignores what Cooper told him and causes the ship to exploit its own death, due to the explosion the endurance begins to turn without control, Cooper with the help of Tars turns his ship to the same to the samespeed with which the endurance is turning to try to assemble your ship to this, with much difficulty and care manages to assemble successfully.

They examined the endurance and realized that it had very serious damage, because of this they could not return to the Earth, the only option they had is to go to the planet of Edmunds, for this Cooper made a plan, I carry out their plan in thewhich was supposed to Amelia would go to the other planet together but the ship did not have enough capacity to take them to both then the decision to let Amelia be the only one to leave, she did not know anything about this planHowever, it was too late when she realized that she was the only.

While Amelia walked Cooper’s ship little by little she was immersing the hole, the ship suffered many damage, then Cooper was forced to get out of it and flooded in space until she fell into a very strange place, when analyzing itHe realized that the walls of this place allowed himthat he gave him.

Murph is in his room trying to remember everything he lived with his father, but Getty hasteThat room ignores him and stays one more moment, Murph reviews a notebook in which he had several things is there that he realizes that the ghost as she really called him was his father and he was the one who sent him all themessages.

Cooper contacts after who informs him that the place where he is located is a place of his fifth dimension and that the beings that have helped them are the ones that would take him to him, Cooper did not know how to convey the information he had toHis daughter Murph, after a few seconds he remembers that he gave a watch to his daughter who is on the shelf, so through clock he begins to send him the message convinced that she very soon returned by the clock.

Getty entered the room to tell him Murph to hurry because the fire already went out and very soon Tom would arrive at the house, immediately Murph leaves the room taking with him the clock that his father had given him, when he took the clock he realizedThat the seconder had a very strange movement, right there his brother arrives, when she looked very happy, she runs to hug him and tells her that her father will save them.

Murph goes to NASA’s laboratories there begins to decode the data contained on the clock and once the equation is deciphered, it runs very happy and screaming Eureka, before kissing Getty.

On the other side Cooper asks Tars if what he transmitted on the clock to Murph, Tars tells him that, because they were closing the Teresact, he also informs him that those who helped them are not unknown beings, but that they are other humansmuch more evolved.

When Teresacto closes completely Cooper before being unconscious, glimpses Amelia.

When Cooper returns to herself, he realizes that he is in a room and next to him is a doctor who tells him that the rangers found him just when he had little oxygen, and that now he was currently 123 years old but that by passingSo much time in space still retained his young body.

The doctor informs him that he is at the Cooper Space Station, he thinks that they put him so by name, however, the doctor clarifies that the station is named for his daughter, who is still alive, but he is veryDelicada de Salud despite this Murph is traveling to see him and will arrive in a couple of weeks.

Cooper was discharged and took him to a faithful recreation of his farm, in which he was tars, but he was very damaged, Cooper asks a boy who took him to the recreation of his farm that he gives him some materials he needsTo repair Tars, when he already has all the materials he starts repairing it, but this time he also modifies it.

Murph has already arrived at the station where his father is, upon learning Cooper will immediately see his daughter who is delicate in the bed of a hospital with all her relatives: children, grandchildren, among others, when she see her feels a greatHappiness, Murph wears on his wrist the clock he had given him, he tells her that she knew that he was going back because he promised, and that he also realized that the ghost was actually him, as Murph knew that very soonHe was going to die asks his father to leave because the cycle of life is for children to see their parents die but their children, knew that would be a very big pain for him, Cooper obeys the request of hisdaughter but before leaving she asks her to go in search of Amelia because she is on the planet Edmunds surely preparing to winter.

Cooper takes a ship’s ship and starts her trip in search of Amelia because she was alone on the planet Edmunds establishing a camp, on this planet they can live without the need for auxiliary oxygen.

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