Interstellar: A New Science Fiction Approach

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Interstellar: a new science fiction approach

Interstellar is a science fiction film released in 2014, directed by the acclaimed director Cristopher Nolan (who had already directed box office successes such as Inception and the last Batman trilogy), “Oscar nominated for the best soundtrack, best sound, betterArt address, best sound and winner edition for better visual effects ”(Editorial Press Iberica, 2015). This film has a cast of great category actors such as Matthew McConaughey (Oscar winner in 2014 for his main role in Dallas Buyers Club), Jessica Chastain, Anne Hathaway, Matt Damon, Casey Affleck and Michael Cane.

This tape came at a time where the rise of space travel films began to return, and apocalyptic destinations, but none addressed these issues such as Interstellar, since it is to differences from the others, integrated plausible topics and in vogue today with respect toTo these issues, such as a possible ecological disaster (which we are going to leaps and bounds), the possible lack of resources and food in the not too distant future, or attempts to colonize other planets to avoid this (Elon Musk is already workingIn a project for man to colonize Mars in 2022), a film that makes us reflect on the uncertainty to which humanity will possibly be faced if we continue at this rate.

This film is set in the not too distant future where a plague has humanity to the edge of extinction for the shortage of food resources, here we are told the story of Joseph Cooper (McConaughey), a retired astronaut, father of two children(Murph played by Jesica Chastain and Tom, played by Casey Affleck), which one day because of coordinates that had appeared in the form of binary code in her daughter’s room (Murph), gave a secret base of NASA. There he meets Professor Brand (Michael Caine) who proposes to be part of an expedition to save humanity, which consists of crossing a worm hole that is located in the vicinity of Neptune, and finding a planet that houses it beforeof your possible extinction.

Interstellar has something that does not see much today when going to see a science fiction movie, and this is the scientific accuracy with which this film was made, taking care of the characters’ dialogues with respect to the characters regardingThemes of this nature, the sequences and scenarios created for the film, among which are the scene of the explosion in space (which is inaudible, since it is physically impossible that there is sound in space because of the void) and creationof a black hole model (chip), based on multiple theories and physical models that describe the behavior and appearance of these, all this thanks to the advice and support of the co -producer and co -writer of the film Kip Thorne (creditor of a Nobel Prize in Physics of Physics2017).

As regards, the work done by Christopher Nolan, Jonathan Nolan and Kip Thorne, due to the original of their history and how this combine stellar and temporary trips (to understand the latter you have to see the entire film and I want to avoid avoidingsay its end to not ruin this great experience) with topics that afflict humanity about its future, such as a probable environmental catastrophe, a possible exodus of our planet in the not too distant future and the possible famines for the shortage of resources(As I named previously, being at the forefront of current issues and advanced to these, since UN studies on a possible global catastrophe and the project of colonizing Mars of Elon Musk, are after the premiere of the film).

Another not so remarkable point of the script is the way in which the story flows (sometimes slow at certain points) and the almost didactic form of the dialogues (perhaps sometimes in excess, of what I will talk about later), that although, although, althoughThey make such a tangled plot understandable, they do not leave space for interpretation. In addition, it is great as mixing the space plot with the paternal relationship between Cooper and Murph (the central theme of the feature film), taking them beyond that sphere of the typical science fiction character, showing us the sentimental and personal problems of both (beatingA certain way the lack of rhythm that the film gets sometimes), using it as a link between the earth and the space in an organic way, thus complementing both plots (the space of Cooper and the land of Murph).

As far as special purposes are concerned, this film stands out a lot in this section, especially the realistic way in which it intends to present the space, supporting in physics to be as real as possible, demonstrating that you want to go beyond showing something colorHe wants to teach us something genuine, to support my point I will return to the example of the black hole model (Gargantua in the film) that they created for the film, and the scene of the explosion in space (in this one does not see fire due to the lack ofoxygen), where it is clearly seen that try to respect as close as possible the laws of physics that respect these events.

On the side of the planets, it is remarkable as places show you that perhaps are not very colorful (its color palette focuses on cold and off colors) but that are still wonderful, always carefully taking care of its touch of characteristic authenticity, thisIt was achieved thanks to the use of real locations along with green screen to roll the film, technique by which they gave us memorable scenes such as the giant waves of the planet of Miller or the frozen clouds of the world of Mann, special effects so well achieved that makes it impossibleBelieving that they are not real, which makes you think that not for anything won an academy prize for better visual effects.

The soundtrack of this film was at the hands of Hans Zimmer (former colleague of Nolan in his previous tapes such as Batman or Inception trilogy), which had praise for critics and was nominated for an academy prize. It is great as this soundtrack plays with the silences, using them in space, where they only focus on the sound of the machines and dialogues, transmitting a sense of loneliness and being drifting in the nothing impressive, making us making usBetter connect with the characters. Another great aspect of this soundtrack is its characteristic organ that according to Zimmer, chose it for its similarity to a spacecraft, with its large amount of tubes and shape similar to a rocket (Zimmer, 2018), thus linking it with the film, in addition to, in my view, this symbolicly represents the ship beyond its form, but also because of its complicated structure and way of touching due to the large number of keys that it has, as well as the commands of aship, simply a genius in subtexts.

As for the interpretations, it is worth highlighting that of Matthew McConaughey in his role as Joseph Cooper, a powerful performance that transmits us in such a real way the feelings of the character that inevitably makes us connect with him in his suffering as a father, a scene that summarizes This perfectly is that in which you see video messages (which cover 23 years due to temporary dilation because they are close to Gargantua) that their children sent it over the years (here Nolan gives us a frontal plane of the face from McConaughey), where he explodes in tears when he saw all the moments that were lost from their lives, unable to see their achievements, not supporting them in difficult times, realizing that he lacked their promise to return when they had the same Age (this is promised to Murph before leaving), realizing that they already assumed him for dead, all these regrets transmits them with the simple cry and his disconsolate look, simply a magn action IFICA, worthy of an actor in his category.

The rhythm of the film is perhaps its only fault, since it loses it due to the extensive didactic dialogues of many characters, which, although it helps to better understand the film, sometimes they tend to seem too forced and extensive forReferring to certain scientific topics, another error perhaps Garrafal is the accelerated way in which the plot is resolved, a so -hurried end that comes almost improvised, looking again, too forced for the calm with which most of the tape takes place.

By way of conclusion, I am impressed by the love with which this tape was made, the meticulousness of its actions, of its script care to the slightest detail, of its original plot, which unlike many science fiction films, this is notHe wanted to opt for the easy and focus only on the visual without delving into the psychology and interpersonal relationships of his characters, maybe he can fall into problems such as the lack of rhythm, but this compared to all the successes of the film, is relegated to a backwithout importance. It only remains to say that it is a 100% recommended film, remarkable in all its aspects, marking a new standard for the industry in regards to science fiction films, giving it the importance and seriousness that this genre deserved so much. 

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