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Interpersonal relationships today

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Interpersonal relationships are experiences that couples enjoy the passion they live and enjoy because the love they feel is unbridled, consequently they do not care about the risks. In addition, caresses, saying "I love you", roses, letters, libido and more components that contextualize interpersonal relationships;However, the current ones have become a way of appetite since when they want someone they know that they will not last thereproblems. Is it that love experiences are the cause of the disinterest of loving?, For the truth, in the modern world liquid is included in the unreal advice of the weekly and also having immediately and flexible relationships since the phrase "until death separates us" and fashion. In addition, when they leave you, you cannot feel loneliness because it generates double uncertainty, it falls so much that you prevent someone from approaching, you become indifferent and you opaque the fear of starting again, you forget what it was what generates satisfaction when you were just, then there is the problem. It is at that time that you find a way to find someone to fill your vacuum but the bad thing is that you start comparing it to your ex -partner therefore has not overcome it.

In this essay he will address the various reasons why current interpersonal relationships do not tend to last a defined time either by changes in the social environment, the poor adaptation of social networks in relationships, the birth of pocket relationships, The extinction of love, the different ways of how to maintain your relationship that are wrong, the fear of loneliness, insecurity, lack of decision between attraction and repulsion, restlessness, not knowing how There is the ability to resolve it, flexible relationships, the expectation of satisfaction in an upcoming relationship, the misuse of the word "love", emotional dependence, the few advice based on experiences on how to have a love relationship, libido , long -term commitment, virtual relations, my survey conducted in my school, the fear of rejection, the bad experiences that do not exceed, the risks that the Love, exploring an unexplored territory, indifference, the obsessive in love, the obstruction of love vision, marriage as a social contract, the frequency of sex, attitudes that couples must apply according to therapists, post-stress syndrome Romantic (PRSD, acronym in English), the discussion as a demolishing factor of relationship indefinite times that couples have at the time of leading to a relationship, if they know the two that have no deadline then that would mean double edge. In addition I am doing it because I currently observe many disunions due to discussions and is related by the failure of communication and compression, also by jealousy that have no limits and grow so that it reaches critical cases. Likewise, trying to understand our environment of a different perspective than others, since some have unrealistic ideas that were absorbed by reading any web page or also by myths that circulate by people who have not had experiences, therefore give advice that are unbelievable. In addition there are people who have a partner do not give their 100 % and we disguise the fear of coldness.

In addition to knowing how their alienated situations develop and put on their shoe to be able to help them in an assertive way, therefore I have generated a survey with various questions that there are incredibly people have interesting answers. Finally, to make clear this essay he had as root the conversations with friends and family regarding this hot topic that generates several doubts and I will try to give explanatory explanations under my point of view.

In the first place, loving relationships with the passage has had various changes and has generated that modern couples have different doubts and ideas of how to cope with a relationship and that is why they make erroneous decisions however in part it is fine because it generates experiences;However, Zygmunt (2018) states:

It is tempting to affirm that the effect of the apparent ‘acquisition of skills’ cannot be other than the unleasiveness of love, as in the case of Don Giovanni: one to love. However, in an unstable environment, the retentive and the acquisition of habits are not only counterproductive, but they can involve disastrous consequences.

Therefore he is right to a certain limit since by nature the man and the woman usually make mistakeIn the same Rodeo and also not generate a vicious circle. But this of walking through unexplored land can have risky consequences but whom we will deceive, that is the fun and what seduces young people to perform these acts. In addition, couples prefer to have fleeting relationships for the mere fact of rapidly stripping, and as Zygmunt (2018) states:

The culture of consumption, in which the preference is in the products that are already ready to be used at the time, but also to the rapid solutions, to instant satisfaction, to the efforts that do not require prolonged efforts, the easy and easy recipesinfallible, at all risk and guarantees to return the purchase amount.

In this modern liquid world, couples prefer to have relationships instantly since they are irritated to have a long process that we do not have in these times, they also feel in having a lasting relationship can affect their freedom and are unable to cope with this.

These people do not know how to choose between attraction and repulsion, those enemies that we do not usually control it and take it to an extreme level, so when they culminate a relationship, lovers suffer a lot because they have been so much that they are not known as they are really, they are actually,Because love makes you change completely, to wear a camera to hide your fears and your desires. These lonely beings forget how to lead a life without company and do not know how to do it, for this reason they prefer to opt for relationships instantly to comfort their penalties also think that having a relationship is synonymous with a solution to your problems. But the love relationship is not the orthodox solution that we must use there are other ways such as knowing you as you are and considering individual goals to have that lost joy. However, there are people who see it from another perspective if a relationship does not work that means that they also invades fear and insecurity so they choose to have virtual relationships and the bad thing is that they believe it is clean and elegant but they loseThe fact of knowing someone, talking and presenting that what something can happen to happen, but unfortunately they prefer to have flexible relationships to easily strip them of them.

Therefore, love is synonymous with imprisonment towards your beloved/or having an obsession since the beloved feels insecure of oneself and adheres its unique value to your partner, therefore has an expansive but insecure ego. Love also cannot be as beautiful as we imagine, it can have risks, such as people who demonstrate their love care, however, that hand with whom he caresses can reach another action. Then the discussions are born and that is where the break occurs, love disappears and current couples is where they fall into this hole and do not know how to control their emotions and lose stability. Therefore, dialogue should be applied but some fail in compression, also knowing how to listen but few have the ability to speak. There are also two perversions that include relationships, for example, the conformism of the beloved since it prefers not to have discussions to be calm but the vast majority think that the discussion is bad because of the facts that can originate;However, it is at that time that they know each other even more and it could be said that it can strengthen the relationship.

In addition, according to a theory of John Bradshaw, he tells us that in a love relationship evolves from passion to commitment;However, people do not commit to the mere fact that they know they will not fulfill it since they have the thought that loads them with responsibilities and this is what characterizes current couples. According to John Bradshaw (as cited in Ayuso, 2015) he said: “When you are immersed in the first wave of love your brain is full of chemical compounds that make you want to practice sex all the time and help you hide the imperfections of imperfections ofyour partner"

It refers to the transition that is post -romantic stress syndrome (PRSD), people cannot pass the Romanticism test to fellowship, for simple reasons, they feel unable and have no vision to their future. I think that love can blind you when you are in love or in love, because your partner’s defects tapas and you see it unreal but that feeling ends, the time comes that nobody gets, face reality or rather they know howIt is actually the person also according to researchers, falling in love lasts approximately 12 or 18 months. Most scare and lose the papers because they do not know how to adapt however it is a normal stage that people usually overcome it.

On the other hand, the PRSD aims to confuse couples with the lack of passion against the loss of love. That is why there are men who feel the need to have libido but elevated consequent. As some expert therapists mention in these issues, they mention that there is an erroneous idea that having sex can often strengthen the relationship, however, that topic that couples should talk and consequently find a way to reactivate that patience. In addition, as the theme of "sex" sells that idea, but right is that the quantity does not matter but the libido does not ensure the general satisfaction of the relationship.

A problem that the majority are afraid and at the same time do not know howthat criticize their partners when they have not solved that causal problem of the subject, as they begin to denigrate, devalue and create distance to their partner. Therefore they cause the relationship to weaken and the most reasonable solution would be to make a self-criticism. On the other hand there are people fleeing the discussion or also the person behaves irrationally generating few possibilities to solve, and it is at that time that communication and compression should be applied and based on it reach an agreement, there are few peoplewho know how to discuss constructively. Therefore I agree what Armando Rekury says (Rekury, 2012): “The story of a relationship that lasts for a while and continues to bear fruit, is the story of beings who knew continuously adapting, not of beings that were stable"

I think the same thing that relationships are constantly changing but would be very routine and generate boredom, however there are people with this conformist profile. They are also afraid to adapt to changes because they are not able to copestable relationship to enjoy. In addition, a relationship that has had discussions and knew how to solve it assertively without resenting as a consequence will have good benefits since the test passes and also showed its point of view. Also the people of today as Gonzales states: "There is a pattern that we have as consumers, when a relationship becomes badly, we seek to replace it, we do not make the effort to fix it".

In recent years the risk has been lost by a person since they know that there are many people in the world to think about a single person. Consequently, the world has become like a store, we tend to buy with bandages. With this step, Riso states:

We are going to a relationship idealizing a lot, we tend to have the bad concept that complete love but is false since it complements. They also put limits to their partner when they have attachment and generate slavery, it also needs an affective bodyguard to help you perform as a person. 

Modern couples have an obsession with the lover and this is involved in an imprisonment and jealousy grows since it tends to be their property and also generates insecurity that fear. Then the lover engages with his partner and unfortunately guarantees the need, that term is synonymous with emotional dependence and indirectly demonstrates that he does not know how to be alone;Love can curse human individualization. Consequently, the lover can feel suffocated and prefer to break the relationship for their good and on the other.

Even.C.Or (2018) says:

Love that gives you everything you needed, love also sometimes left you with nothing but well, love is cure and is poison of the most lethal, love is necessary when we talk about mortals (…) 

Love, close relative of pain

I think the same at first since people have expectation for their next relationship and because they want it to be better than the previous one then if they are satisfied, it is usually excessive. Also when they are disappointed they have the idea of fear of having a relationship again because they think that love passes alone once. Having a relationship is an investment however people today have the idea to "relate". Also Calamaro (Calamaro, 2010) says: "Debts cannot be paid with love".

[Image:] When there are complications in economic situations normally couples behave irrationally since money plays against them, also generates another idea about who earns more and machismo acts at that time because man supposedly winsMore than the woman, however today the woman has financial independence and makes it easy to shed her relationship if there are these discussions. Also to add a survey in my school in order to know what your point of view is.

12 students from different degrees such as 2, 3 and 4 grade of high school and a teacher were surveyed. Social networks according to 7 people are not one of the causes of irreparable ruptures, however there are currently many cases of couples that exceed their information and reach misunderstandings. In addition, people who are afraid to relate then prefer to do it by networks without being face to face because it is easier to get couples of momentary pleasures. In addition, people do not know how to manipulate social networks well and have generated more insecurity to people by putting it in the lead that such action will generate a "lasting" relationship. On the other hand, distance love according to my opinion is complex to satisfy since the couple really prefers to have physical affection than by networks based on the networks. In addition, this relationship generates insecurity depending on the person being attached to therefore would disturb him. Related to the issue of non -detailed people can generate that the relationship has difficulties because who we deceive the majority of couples prefer surprise gifts since the level of confidence increases, it is also a non -routine action that demonstrates generosity of the beloved to the lover. In the case of romantic films with late "perfect love" they can obstruct the thought of young people since they have not lived enough to differentiate between an idealist with the realist, we are indirectly embedded by the idea that perfect love exists but inreality in our modern world you can see these people who do everything possible to make their goal of having a stable and full relationship come true. As the theme of "perfect love" sells, which is why some interpret it in an irrational way but it should be emphasized that unfortunately romantic love is not seen in these times. The vast majority of couples have pocket relationships for momentary satisfaction.

In conclusion, our modern liquid world to employee the term love of a bad reputation generating with the course of the years various changes in their structure, people who still want to continue in their bubble can be highlighted and they think that falling in love is the remedy for everythingproblem since they hate everything around them, they lose the notion of the past and the future. We have also abused the phrase "until death separate us", which most do not have the thought of getting married, therefore people feel relief by not having a burden and on the other hand marriage has become a bad image put onwho have cataloged him as a social contract because the man belongs to the woman and vice versa. However, that thought has been criticized since one does not belong to anyone but is complement. In relation to the fear of being alone, they have not been increasing since they do not know how to adapt to changes in the social environment also lead to one extreme, reaching the point of feeling unable to want or not a lasting relationship because according to them they take away their freedom. The term "make love" is now synonymous with how to spend a single pleasant night, on the other hand companies have generated money by advertising and books about how to fix your relationship and how young are ignorant prefer to read these despite the fact that the advice isbased on real events. The current songs in one way or another affect due to their liries related to uncontrolled libido, and from this the aggressions and the wrong idea of what frequency of sex generates more union between couples. The path that every young man prefers to take all barriers to quickly have a relationship, because today they are eager to have all kinds of linking, that is flexible. Also the lack of communication and compression of couples, prefer to do it by messages in networks and do not take the time to look to have a good time together, they do not apply the commitment since they know that in the long term it cannot generate anything. The lack of ambition and interest, as of having the necessary patience to solve a discussion and not behave irrationally. Rather before having a loving experience, the following question should be asked: what vision does you have about a relationship?, Therefore they would have the most agreed ideas to see how to cope with it. Before all have your principles and self – esteem on earth, because if I would not be convicted of being a vulnerable person during their relationship. On the other hand, knowing how to discuss and not flee since they have the wrong idea that all discussion leads to a bad atmosphere of fears and insecurities. It is at that time to express everything one feels and then reaching a constructive colloquium. Deliver ourselves totally in a relationship and know how to lose with the purpose of improving, but still social networks have a supremacy since we have not had the maturity of how to adapt it to our day. However, relationships are actually connections with people. Due to all these questions the next question would be: in a few years that interpersonal relationships will wait for us?


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