Interpersonal Relationships In Confinement Times

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Interpersonal relationships in confinement times

They have to do an essay, ”said the teacher through the computer- an essay, of which I have no idea what to do!

"The only way to do the impossible is to convince yourself that it is possible".  So let’s start.

We live in a globalized world, so that even diseases have affects not only health but also, even the economy of the entire world.

The reason for writing on this issue is because although the safest place for all people should be their home, today and due to the quarantine to which we have been subject, unfortunately in these times it is not so.

The data on the lack of communication that leads to the dissolution of the marriage or worse bond, physical and/or psychological violence exerted within the home have been present at alarming levels, so much, that television spots have been made To the same "before violence takes over you …" 

Being objectives, what can we do to lessen so unpleasant events, above all, because they hurt the people we love most, or that we should most love and protect above all things, the situation that has been presented by confinement can disrupt many of our emotions, making them present at the least necessary moment, in principle, to know that we are all in the same ship and for more than this is a situation that has lasted several months, why not take advantage of all the time we have let For going to work or for being with friends, leaving aside the best that life has given us, our family. Why not be like children? "Let the children come to me, because theirs is the kingdom of heaven"  

It is incredible the way in which the human being has learned to adapt to situations at all times, from the man of the caverns, to the current era, knowing the above we can say that the adaptation process has been thanks to the fact that we live in society, this society consists of families.

In principle, interpersonal relationships can be very pleasant because when we begin to know how people do the best of ours They are transformed, many times for falling into monotony or characters.

At this time in which we have had to be confined by the pandemic, many people must work from their home, obviously they radically changed our lives, especially if they are bosses in their company, whatever the turn of it, and I say because I pretend to be at home ordering and wanting to take the reins of a place where they are somehow oblivious, because although, at this time many women work outside the home, they will always be the owners and ladies of the home, in such a way that conflicts are created in it bringing with despair and even violence,

"External success begins with internal success, if you really want to improve your outside world, call your health, your relationships or your finances, you must first improve your outside world".

Where, if you are aware of what you say, you will see yourself in a much less unfavorable situation for getting carried away by emotion, but above all, making the decision not to fall into the situation of fighting and on the contrary, putting an end to any end of any discussion, let’s call emotional intelligence.

"It is with the heart as we see correctly, the essential is invisible to the eyes"

We need to take the reins of our emotions, it is not really easy because we are used to living as automatons, without even being aware of our breathing, that is why we have to stop to turn and realize that life does not Try just to exist, to occupy a space.

"If you want to change the world, start by tending your bed"  

This premise makes us know that by performing small actions, we will soon be working a great path for our lives, so we get down to work and change our way of seeing life.

In this time where families are together twenty -four hours a day, stress is created because of the confine The children, who are mostly affected by the constant discussions of the parents. "Conflicts and transgressions in interpersonal relationships are inevitable and can make people end up injured or injured".

On the other hand, economic dependence as well as emotional, coupled with the lack of self-este.

Main part of interpersonal relationships must be respect and love, however, it is being defeated because far from being working to cultivate them, we intend to be right and with it we unleash a war without barracks in which no one, absolutely nobody wins.

What would happen if instead of pointing we were empathic? All without exception we are born good, yes, we can work to continue in the same way, in each of us there is that light that gives us hope.

Is it really necessary to destroy us for not being tolerant with the people who are accompanying you day by day? Fortunately we have free will and gift of discernment

"Anyone can get furious … that’s easy. But being furious with the right person, in the correct intensity, at the right time, for the correct reason, and in the right way … that is not easy ”.

And why if we are adaptable beings we cannot be reasonable? Why do we say that we love someone we do so much damage? Why get to the extreme of physically and psychologically damage to the family? It is undeniable that we have the solution in our hands, however, anger, which is one of our basic emotions and the one that is easier to move afloat for the moment it is living, is unfortunately because of the stress that is He is living for the confinement that the Government has proposed because of the pandemic that worldwide has gained so many lives, this being one of the best strategies to control a virus that has spread through all the countries that make up this our planet, And that there is still no idea when things will return to normal in my opinion what has caused the most stress is uncertainty.

“How much do you take things personally, you feel offended and react defending your beliefs and creating conflicts. You make a mountain of a grain of sand because you feel the need to be right and that others are wrong ’

We must express our feeling, but speaking with patience and prudence, if it is hard for you And I say, if you can talk to someone who is from the other side of the world, you can do it with the person with whom you are sharing your life, maybe, write a letter, while being written, you calm down your mind and your emotions.

Invariably we must conserve calm and have patience, people who have a good management of their emotions are happy because they have the ability to ignore the pressures, because in addition, their life plan is established based on the good management of their emotions , revealing them since they have a way to solve any problem that arises, however difficult it might seem.

The balance between the house, the family, the work, the pleasure and the obligation must be felt at any time in life, to be able to cope with every aspect of our environment, if we want, we can! It is only necessary to imagine that the need to be well is prevailing, to carry it out, always aware that there is no problem that cannot be solved and that shared charges weigh less. "As there are ruptures, there may also be a strengthening in the relationship".

We are going to renew ourselves, being better people, discovering what we are capable, as suddenly our whole day changed, give us the opportunity to meet, to rediscover what we are made of, that the story can be different, at the beginning of this I tried the adaptability that the human being has had, today it is a new challenge, a new beginning, just as we learned to work at a distance, we can know that facing our own demons, can lead us to overcome them, in fact, That’s the idea! It is only a matter of being brave, but also of knowing that facing ours? Are you ready to destroy your previous I, whom you knew before confinement, so that of the ashes of who you were, renazate a new person, stronger, more intelligent, more loving? But above all, more mature in every way and thus, be the best version of you.

We will have to be aware that many internal fibers will move that you will want to claudicate, resists! The best comes later, if you are willing and you are really brave, give yourself the best version of who you are, you will permeate it to your whole environment, and that renewed man will be worthy of admiring, give your partner and your children, that person who loves. They deserve it! "Under any circumstance, always do the best you can, neither more, nor less".

How long did you not have time to be with your family? And now that you have it, you enjoy it or it is for you a martyrdom? You have wondered who you are for them? You are actually part of them or you are a perfect stranger occupying a place at home? When you have the answers, now plant some more.

Are you really the person they deserve? Because, let me tell you that going to work to give them what they need is a great advance, however, you think it is the only thing they need? Do you not imagine that they need you? To the husband and the loving dad?

In addition to having a good attitude, we also need to have a sense of humor, to be able to make the confinement for all, tolerance is a key point in this regard, because when carrying out the tasks among all the members of the We will create greater integration, especially the fact of sharing food, which in normal terms do not share with our families- at least throughout the week because of the distance between work and our homes- makes us interrelate ourselves In greater depth, getting to know the concerns of our family nucleus itself that we were taking for granted that we knew, realizing that it is not, as a consequence, family ties are reinforced. “Human relationships are not simple, more in the times that run. Where each one is on the lookout for their own problems, bound to their projects and to meet their same needs ".

Although in truth, you are not a bad person for not having a good day, the bad, is that every day you complain about what you do not have, instead of appreciating what you have and enjoying it, we are obviously human beings and we have feelings, and In this time of pandemic they are very exacerbated by confine "Emotions are affective reactions of abrupt appearance, of great intensity, of transitory nature and accompanied by ostensible somatic changes".

We do not need scholars in the matter to realize the need we have of affection, unfortunately many people are afraid to show their feelings and that is why in order not to feel vulnerable, he prefers to hide them, nobody likes to look vulnerable, For fear of being hurt in that vulnerability presented, "if you are not making someone’s life better, then you are wasting your time, your life will be better to make the lives of others better".

Remember how you felt the day you got married, and when you had your first child in your arms, you didn’t want to be the best person in the world to love them and protect them from anything? Why? Because the love you felt at that time was immeasurable and that is how it should continue.


The intention of this writing is to raise awareness about the love that must prevail in the family, taking into consideration that it is from there that the individual forges the character of it from an early age.

Taking into consideration the above, we must know that we can have the confidence to open with our families, it is good that they know that we have feelings, show the children and the couple that also hurts us, that we are also afraid, that certain situations also hurt us Of course … We are human beings!

No matter the situation in which you are, if you turn to see your family as what you love most in this life, you will realize that it is where you will be and that far from calling you, they will support you.

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