Interpersonal Communication As Verbal Modality

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Interpersonal communication as verbal modality


Communication is a basic function for human being and of vital importance for our development before society for good relationships with each other.

In interpersonal communication it is understood as the exchange and understanding of messages between two or more people, it is what we do daily either in family, work or on the street in everyday life we are constantly communicating.

In this modality it is also distinguished by being verbal or nonverbal, whose case are through symbols, signs, all the time we are in constant communication, to a simple gesture of a disgusted person says more than a thousand words with these non -verbal gestures we knowWhat happens to something and give help.

Zayas, e. (1990) “Communication constitutes the bond and mutual relationship between three people and a process of exchange of ideas, opinions or emotions through which the attitudes and feelings of men are revealed, their varied and active participation, their preferences, the positive and the negative of its character ".


The communication factors.

In communication you can place on three different levels such as intrapersonal communication, which is when you send a message what I would say with its interior I would define it in this way, interpersonal communication as we said at the beginning between twopeople send messages or interact with each other and public communication in this particular is the most common when several people communicate with each other. Some personal communication factors will be shown here that are usually the most common:

  • Perception: it is what we capture about the world and make it transmit.
  • The values: this is closely related to the self – esteem of each person.
  • Social aspects: each society and each culture provide its members for their own explanation about the structures and the meaning given to things.
  • Family aspects: family members are related in accordance with certain provisions that are usually not explicitly established, or even recognized.

The role of active listening in effective interpersonal communication.

Without hesitation, an active listening is played in our effective relationships, since if one gets a person with this ability to have greater ease of relating to the others, it will be very easy to do my point of view, they are going toI send these two potentialities, since we know how to listen to what they transmit us will be facilitated when we have to transmit the ideas of our emitters,

And it is that in reality most people like to talk more than listening to I include me, that can affect our interpersonal relationship, since we must be empathic to speak, but also to listen to what other people want to give us to convey.

Although there are no fixed rules for communication to be optimal, there are guidelines that help us get better communication with others. In this sense, together with assertiveness and proactivity, listening actively is vital for the achievement of effective communication. Three attitudes in reality united, because the good communicator in addition to speaking and firm must demonstrate empathy and be permeable to the message he receives.

Relationship dimensions.

In this issue without hesitation we are talking about the entire contour that revolves around, since the relationship dimension encompasses personally from the political, the familiar the social, in everything that turns around us, so if ourRelationship of communicating is easy for us I think that little will it difficult us in the field that we are interacting with any type of person, for example: I see it in my work, since there are different types of relationships, but all focused on an endThe one to make the company work is when we get together different cultural, social, Catholic dimensions and everything is respected with a good relationship,

Interpersonal process.

We must bear in mind that interpersonal relationships allow us to achieve certain necessary objectives for our development in a society, and most of these goals are implicit when it comes to establishing ties with other people. However, it is also possible to use them as a means to obtain certain benefits, such as a job;Even in those cases, there are more reasons than mere material interest, although they are usually ignored at a conscious level.

When talking about a situation in which the individual is very aware of his qualities, his abilities and limitations, he tends to speak of ‘intrapersonal’ intelligence, each individual has certain types of intelligences that facilitate certain actions or that they dothat has a tendency to behave in a certain way.

Factors that affect the development of interpersonal relationships

It seems that interpersonal relationships are one of the most complex, but apparently those who complicate them are ourselves here I will demonstrate some examples that affect interpersonal relationships:

  • The generational factor: what tries to say is simple is about the subject of generations here an example: it is not the same as young people from their behavior their lifestyle to what they do now.
  • Ethnic factor: There are still taboos and prejudices about interracial relationships, which survive since previous times and circumstances.
  • C.

Characteristics and importance of nonverbal communication.

Just as we saw in class nonverbal communication says much of the people with whom we live in our day to day. Sometimes one thing is said, but our gestures communicate another, and it is that as many times we do not see a person say something verbal, but their gestures say they communicate something else, people who tell us nothing, but with their pure gestures weThey are transmitting many things, so it is very important when it comes to transmitting that fence verbal message accompanied by nonverbal gestures.

A adequate body language facilitates the relationships with other people in daily life and in business, nonverbal communication is key in a negotiation, since it allows the message we want to convey to the other person is more understandable and captureyour attention;An adequate management of it will become a significant competitive advantage for the entrepreneur,


Especially talking about these important issues in our daily lives such as communications, for me it is very significant and pleasant and knowing how to take it in daily life, something that the teacher commented in class and that I am practicing was listeningActive when we are talking with someone and we interrupt her saying her phrase that we think we complete her prayer I saw my.


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