Internet Privacy: Protection Apps

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Internet privacy: Protection apps


Everyone has the right to privacy and, unfortunately, when navigating on the Internet their personal information is much more exposed than he believes. Many web pages use cookies, and also store the IP address, which are responsible for tracking user movements. When using the web, many of your personal data can be in danger, so it is important to use some software that can help you in terms of protecting your online privacy.


Fortunately, there are several ways to make your privacy more protected, the main recommendation is to be more prudent to share information on the Internet and evaluate who is providing what information what information. But beyond the basic recommendations, there are also a number of applications that can be used to shield access to your information a little more.

The following are a series of apps that will help you provide greater security to your data:

  • Tor: The Onion Router or Tor is a browser that is based on Firefox. Through it it is possible to navigate safely and anonymously on the Internet, in addition, there are some websites that are only available through this browser. Many people use it as a tool to access blocked websites in their country or region, others also use it to access Deep and Dark Web. Tor is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux, in addition to the Android mobile platform. However, it is not available for all countries.
  • TAILS, DE LINUX: One of the best options that Linux offers in terms of privacy is Tails, an operating system focused on protecting the safety of its users, is one of the best operating systems that exist to avoid tracking personal data. This system is based on Debian and offers the possibility to preserve anonymity during use.
  • Ghostery: This app is an extension for browsers, and mobile devices, which is used to block access to your personal information, in fact, the application will notify you in case any website or company wants to track your data, protecting your privacy and preventing your information being hosted in databases on the Internet.
  • DUCKDUCKGO: This page is an online searches engine whose objective is to protect the privacy of users, allowing you to do safe searches on the Internet, without anyone being able to store their data and much less share them. It is also available as a mobile phones and as an extension for the main browsers.
  • PRIVACY BADGER: This application is another extension, available for Firefox, Opera and Google Chrome browsers. With it it is possible to navigate on the Internet without tracking its movements, since it blocks the trackers and also advertisements that make tracks.
  • self-COOKIES: Cookies are used by web pages to be able to follow the use of users, in favor of offering ads, among others, addressed to each. This is an application available as an extension for Google Chrome, Firefox and Opera. The program allows personalized adjustments, so it is possible to allow or block access to those cookies to certain pages. It is also a tool to erase cookies that are not necessary or that come from pages that are not reliable.

Protecting your personal online information is of great importance in these times, this is because, for example, this information can be used to review your online reputation by companies or possible employers. Also, in a more unpleasant scenario, your personal information could be copied and stolen for use in different illegal activities, for example, scams or theft of identities to others.     


  The issue of Internet privacy has been under the magnifying glass since, recently, it was discovered that British consulting firm Cambridge analytical massively leaked the personal data of more than 80 million Facebook users. This scenario generated great doubts in users, who now wonder how much personal information is exhibited on the Internet and who they have it, so Facebook and Google are in question.

From the scandal, the European Union created the general regulation for data protection, GDPR for its acronym in English. Through it, companies will be obliged to ask permission before using any data, and also transparency with respect to what data they are storing in their private bases.

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