International Relations Of Spain

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International Relations of Spain


International relations in Spain, in recent years, has been a combination of conflict, cooperation and competition. You cannot let the great advances in recent years especially within the nationalist and populist. The World Cup skill works within a more competitive framework that at the beginning of the century. Currently, Spain relations are focused on three environments that are the European Union, the countries of the South Mediterranean and the Ibero -American. 


It has diplomatic relations with all the states that are included in the United Nations and that have great internationally recognition. Continuing with the aforementioned economic relations of Spain with the Nafta countries, in which the United States is included; Canada and Mexico are involved in negotiated treaties with the European Union. The first Latin American country that signed an agreement with the EU was Mexico in 1997. 

Also the CETA negotiations, which arises from the Europe and Canada combination are concluding and is waiting for it to be amended. The United States is for Spain is the most important commercial partner within the world. For the year 2013, the agreements for the Transatlantic Agreement of Commerce and Investment began, which did not conclude after the victories of Donald Trump in 2016 for the candidacy for the North American State. 

The objective of this treaty was to link benefits between the two states such as the decrease in its tariffs, to have more emphasis within the services and investment sectors, among other profits. Within the financing, the United States is located in the first investment position in Spain, within the Spanish export, then the Mexican State occupies fifth place and a fourth place as a financial destination. Finally, Canada will be in a much lower ranking than the mentioned countries.

The Spanish State occupies the thirteenth within the list of the world economic powers achieved by the International Monetary Fund, having a GDP of 1425865 within 2018, the crisis has also caused that the possibility of being located within of the last ten positions in recent years. The World Trade Organization (WTO) proposes Spain in the number eighteen within the World Exportation section.

Having the same level of countries such as India and United Arab Emirates. It can also be seen as a World Cup power in the sale of services, and on the other hand in regard to imports we can find it in the fifteen number, some of the most competitive factors are the quality of their infrastructure of transport, high enrollment rates in higher education and in the size of its markets,


Like the GATT and later the WTO, the European Union set out to eliminate customs barriers and foster trade between its member states. The Union has always been among the main promoters of an effective international trade. This system helps to ensure that your companies enjoy just access to the market beyond its borders and, thus contributes to economic growth.

Through the WTO, the European Union has sought to promote a multilateral framework for commercial negotiations, aimed at complementing bilateral negotiations and possibly replacing them. The liberalization of the international trade system has benefited some developing countries, which have experienced an unprecedented phase of sustained economic growth.


Spain in the world in 2019: perspectives and challenges.

The European Union and the World Trade Organization. 

Bilateral relations. 

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