In The Play Entitled Bernarda Alba’S House

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In the play entitled Bernarda Alba’s house


In the play entitled Bernarda Alba’s house written by Federico García Lorca, the question is reflected how and why a given social group is represented in a certain way? Giving reveal a portrait of an overwhelming life of which the vast majority of Spanish families frequented. Through the work, Lorca is based exposing issues about the Spanish social organization that is full of cruelty and authoritarianism towards women and which is exercised within the main base of society: the family. 


The theatrical work implies the woman and what each suffers, which is the family and social repression that does not allow them to have total development as a person, but not only at the time of the work in which the author Lorca theplaces, but also in today’s days. Lorca decides to base his drama on female stereotypes that are imposed on women and on the inequality of rights that society assigns them by comparing them and lowering them with men. The work judges machismo, oppression towards women, the expectations of society towards women and the obligation of women not to lead their own life but dominated by men.

In Lorca’s drama, the woman is a victim of the laws acquired by the macho society of those times. For centuries, the woman has been the victim of aggressions in the population until today, since society imposes regulations, thus prejudging the acts of women and condemning it for meaningless acts. Women for this are not valued and as a consequence they are only granted the right to be obedient in any circumstance and stripping them of their own freedom subject to a corrupt regime.  Women like Bernarda Alba follow these macho ideas that women must be under a certain regulation, thus becoming the male figure of the house, this being of course when Bernarda says thread and needle for females. Whip and a mule for the man.


This textual appointment implies what Lorca wanted to do, which was to highlight the roles of men and women in which women are imposed to perform feasible work without putting effort, while men do arduous work.  In this way, Lorca also states that, in these times, not only in Spain, the woman was destined for thread and needle while men were considered superior, confirming that they are the ones who wear the whip. Women must be obedient as such tells them care about the earth and a submissive dog that feeds them.

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