Importance Of Organic Chemistry

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Importance of organic chemistry


Organic chemistry studies the structure, behavior, uses and properties of everything that contains carbon both of animal, plant or artificial origin, united by covalent bond, they are soluble in solvents, they have low melting and boiling points their reaction is slow. Also to all compounds that carry carbon are known as organic compounds, so organic chemistry studies all organic compounds. Many authors also call it carbon chemistry, so we already mention carbon.

Although many organic compounds have been formed by nature, chemicals have synthesized even more. Living organisms are formed by organic compounds, organic chemistry studies aspects such as: wood and derivatives, food components, pharmaceutical products, petrochemicals, detergents, soaps, cosmetology, etc. 


These are some organic compounds oil, DNA molecule, sugars, proteins, oil, alcohols, etc. Organic chemicals are everywhere, 24 million compounds containing are known. Organic compounds can be produced from inorganic compounds. We are dependent on chemistry in every way, as well as we are of technology, and that is that the advancement of technology has influenced too much so that the study of organic chemistry has advanced a lot until these days. The advance is still on day after day, every second is created and discovered more new things that are very important for life to continue moving forward.

Organic chemistry begins with the origin of life, with many theories, highlighting the theory of German chemist Friedrich Kohler in 1828. This chemist obtained urea by heating cyanic and ammonia acid when he tried.

Chemists believed that, to synthesize organic substances, the intervention of what they called ‘the vital force’ was necessary, that is, living organisms. (Liliana Viera, 2017)

This theory came to an end when they deduced that living beings were not necessary to create organic substances, since they could also be created with those derived from inorganic compounds.

Inorganic chemistry was a discipline of the 30s, in 1856 William Perkin how much he tried to study the five. From the year in which the urea was discovered by accident by the German chemist Kohler, everything took a radical turn in the study of this science and that is where the world began to be updated in every field creating many new species that would serve theman today to improve his lifestyle. Thanks to the discovery of this German chemist, everything changed radically in people’s lives, since their discovery creates dependence on most of the products that chemistry creates in general.

Importance of organic chemistry

Organic chemistry is of the utmost importance, since it is present in all aspects of our life, for example, in our clothes, soaps, shampoos, medicines, deodorants, etc. These products have improved our quality of life, they have also relieved us in pains caused by diseases intervening there the drugs and analgesics;This science is extremely important, since thanks to it you can create billions of products that did not exist in past centuries and that now we have become dependent on them. A great example of dependence on these products created by the study of organic chemistry is medicine, drugs;since these formerly they could only be related to the medicinal plants that have always existed, and that are now the basis for the creation of medicines, since from them the medications mixed with other compounds are obtained.

The contributions that science has acquired through the study of natural products are diverse.

Most organic compounds in this case medicines are created thanks to medicinal plants, contributing these in the treatment of different diseases and pains that occur in people’s lives. Organic chemistry is also very important, since it studies oil, and as we know oil is essential in the industry for the creation of many products that we use today, and if the study of chemistry there was nothing createduntil today there would be, since nothing could be created without the existence of carbon chemistry. 

We would live in a delayed world where there would be nothing about what has been created so far, you can live in a world where shampoo and soap did not exist, how would we bathe ourselves?, Only with water?, as well as this example there would be many decays in technologies and advances, which makes life easier literally. Now everything in our daily lives is easy to do, since there are thousands of ways to do so, organic chemistry has had and has a great impact on today’s society.

Evolution of organic chemistry until today

Currently, organic chemistry has great relevance due to the scientific and technological advance. 

Today almost everything around us is constituted of chemical, for example, medicines have made notable advances such as the elimination of many mortal diseases, for example, polio, typhoid and diphtheria, among others.

In addition, the wide variety of products derived from this science are used daily at home, work, school and other places. Indeed, chemistry is directly related to these and other processes, situations and products;Hence the importance of knowing more about it. Organic chemistry is the science that deals with the nature and composition of the subject and the changes that it experiences;His study is very important for the human being, because it applies to everything around us. Chemistry intervenes in the internal and external changes that are carried out in our body and around us to perceive them such as the senses, the ear, taste, smell and touch.

Man benefits from the practical applications of chemistry, since modern life would not be so comfortable if we did not have the technology that this science provides. Now organic chemistry is such a complex science and impossible to cover it entirely that the researcher tends to superspecialize. However, there are so many correlations and dependencies between the different fields of specialization that the organic chemist is forced to remain alert even on those advances that occur in areas far from their specialty.

Organic chemistry provides us with vaccines, antibiotics and all kinds of medications that cure us and protect us from diseases. To them we owe 1 of every 5 years of our lives, and thanks to them we can live in better conditions to some medications are substances of simple composition, such as, for example, hydrogen or hydrogen peroxide, iodine, sodium bicarbonate, aluminum hydroxide, silver nitrate, potassium chlorate, etc. 


In the food industry it has played a very important role, providing chemical substances that improve crops such as fertilizers and fertilizers, non -productive plant suppressors (selective herbicides), pest protectors and harvest additives. It also helps to know the characteristics of the soil, which allows a more rational agriculture, chemistry provides products that take care of the health of livestock and aquaculture (our main source of protein) and purifies and purifying water.

Keep in mind that global warming is generated by man’s chemical activity. The industries are not of all guilty for these emissions, the human being is currently intervening in the acceleration of the planet’s heating. Man has always been characterized by having clear ambitions, activities that increase the heating of the planet. And all this has had consequences such as thawing in the poles and many other cases that the planet is facing today.


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