I Want To Be Like Beckham: Passion For The Game

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I want to be like Beckham: Passion for the game


This film is about a young Hindu (Jess) who loves to play football, for which he has an innate gift. On the other hand, the idea of their parents, who are very traditional, is that he goes to university to study law and marry a Hindu boy to follow the family’s tradition and to have the best possible standard of living. One day, a girl named Jules, sees her play football in a park and proposes that he joins the football team in which she plays and Jess accepts without telling her parents because she knows that she will be denied. Throughout the film we observe how the relationship between the two girls improves until becoming very good friends, and Jules always encourages Jess to speak to their parents of their passion for football so that they can get to dedicate themselves to himprofessionally. 


Throughout history we can observe many of the characteristics of Hindu culture. For example, as parents are those who agree on their children’s marriage or the life they must lead, as is the example of Jess’s sister who plans a commitment to another Hindu boy of good family. Therefore, women are taught to cook and iron and perform the different homework tasks. In addition, it is very important for them to maintain the traditional family image and not have relationships with English white boys. Therefore, the family of Jess’s fiance. 

Anyway, this custom of protecting women do not find it only in the family of Jess. Jules’ family, especially the mother, is also very traditional. He wants his daughter to be very feminine, not to play football and be interested in the boys. He believes that if he does not dress femininely or stop playing football, he will never find a man who wants to marry her. So, in different ways we see a parallel in the family relationships of the two protagonists. Both are influenced by the patriarchy and believe that what a woman should aspire is to act as the women of their respective cultures usually act to find a man who takes care of them and with whom to marry. 

This parallelism is also found in the attitude of the two parents of families. In the case of Jess’s father, we see his strictest attitude towards his daughter and his future. Although he is going to see his daughter play a game and he decides that he can go play the final of a football game to get a scholarship in the USA. UU. It is also he who convinces the family so that Jess can take advantage of this scholarship and fulfill his dream, which he could not do when he wanted to play Crits, since he suffered racist harassment. In the case of Jules’s father, we also see that he is the most understanding with his daughter to be as he wants to be and dedicates himself to whatever he wants.


Moreover, when Jules’s mother believes that this is a lesbian, he is the one who tries to understand her daughter and her mother is the one that laments it, since that does not fit in the stereotypes she wants to comply with Jules. Finally, both families allow their daughters to travel abroad to study and devote themselves professionally. Thanks to all this, we can observe that both families, despite having different traditions and cultures and may seem to us that they have nothing to do, have much more in common than we believe. This happens with many aspects among many other cultures. We consider that we are different from others by prejudices that we have, but in reality we are much more similar than we believe. For all this we can affirm that a dialogue and an intercultural coexistence.

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