I Want To Be Like Beckham And The Face Of Today

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I want to be like Beckham and the face of today

The film faces a topic in force in today’s society, the differences between cultures, ethnicities, economy and sex. In it we observed a very strong claim, marked by a society that was and retains a high rate of xenophobia and a western culture that despite advancing it continues to have a great ballast in the genera difference. Jess, from Indian family and with a particular religious identity, SIJ, wants to play football. This entails a problem for her family as soon as that decision moves away from the cultural and social standards about how an Indian woman should be for her family, therefore she creates tensions between her and her family, but in turn there are other tensions betweenJess and the society in which he tries to enter. This cultural shock in addition to a person of different ethnicity within a capitalist society is common today, and if we add the gender stigma by which a woman must be feminine and football is masculine we have a cocktail ofsituations in which socio -cultural injustice makes an appearance.

To highlight the feminist and social social problem not only cultural, we have Jules, a wealthy English class who also wants to play football. But of course, this breaks with the idea of the mother, she wants a female daughter, who looks in your ideals and of course she does not play football, is not something that becomes homosexual and ends up being a lesbian, another stigmasocial in terms of sexual freedom of human beings. At this point, for example, Jules’s mother emphasizes the difference between men and women, because football as well as other sports, differentiates genres and is not inclusive. And with greater relevance if possible, it is impossible or almost impossible to live from football for a woman while a man can become tremendously rich performing the same function. This means that Jules’s mother emphasizes that he will never be able to make a living with it.

Despite being a film with a simple argument, the social, economic and cultural background clashes frontally in many occasions and plasma a current reality, which although every day it takes more relevance and tries to decrease, it remains a gap too large in thissociety increasingly globalized and therefore with higher contact rates between individuals of different kinds. If at this point we return. This has created suburban.

However, the eagerness of the protagonists to fight for their dream, makes a big difference over the social norms imposed. They will break the barriers that limit them in those contexts and try in all possible ways to get their dream of playing football. Perhaps they can never be like Beckham, since being not men they will not be able to compete in male leagues where money runs in abundance, but perhaps they are simply happy having the opportunity to choose, to play football without being discriminated against them as soon asto its social and cultural environment.

At the end, such a simple film in its argument, but with a very real background and that questions the differences that are created in our environment and how much the differences are used to divide and not as a source of wealth and culture.

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