Hamlet: Study Of Characters And Episodes

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Hamlet: Study of characters and episodes

    In the Hamlet reading we are presented with a very peculiar character called Polonio. This character has an important performance in Hamlet’s history since he is hated and loved by many and in different ways. He is sometimes seen as a wise counselor, a man admired and on other occasions as a hypocrite. Polonio was a Danish Lord and had two children: a man and a woman named Laertes and Ofelia. 

He was an egocentric person, who liked talking a lot and quite fool. Polonio is mostly remembered for the death he had. After having planned with Claudio to spy on Hamlet, in a conversation he was having with his mother Gertrudis, Hamlet listens to a noise behind the curtain and thinking that it is Claudio and stabs him and then noticed that who had killed himself was Polonio. 

Several arguments support his ways of being, for example, a man admired and wise advisor. Polonio was completely admired by his children for the decisions he made for them or the advice he gave him for his future. I loved them, overprotective and just wanted to see them in a better position in the future. She cared to get the best education even if they did not belong to the nobility. She instructed Laertes in the Prince’s arts and to have a life in high society with her wise advice. Ofelia trained and carefully advised for a marriage in which she had a good life insured. 

Even so, Polonio was seen as a hypocrite and two faces. Also as he loved his children also used them for his plans. Polonio used his daughter to earn favors with the king and spy on Hamlet, who makes her relationship later break her relationship since he thought Hamlet didn’t care enough of Ophelia. 

After he realizes that Hamlet cared and he really loved her, he starts saying that Hamlet was crazy. It is said that he was two -sided by the way he thought he was loyal to Hamlet and Queen Gertrudis; However, then we see how he betrayed them and becomes "loyal" to Claudio, since if he had followed alive, everything was a matter of time to find a way to continue going up and betray it too.  With the way of being that I identify it better is to be hypocritical and two faces. Although he introduced himself as a good father who loved his children, he was using them for his plans and own well -being. Yes he wanted the best for them but he was included in those equations. We can observe this as said previously when he cost his relationship to his daughter Ofelia with Hamlet. His goal was for his daughter to have a good future but she benefited from favors with the king. 

It is hypocritical the way he wanted to use his children, no father should do something like that if he really loves them. He would not have commanded Laertes in France or used Ophelia to spy on Hamlet, and he betrays Hamlet’s confidence and Gertrudis for leaving Claudio’s side only in the search for his welfare. 

For all his actions and decisions he made, I think that he must be mostly identified with being a hypocritical, as said previously, dulling the various things that they could be classified as good since it does not matter how you try to evaluate it if it is that characteristic that predominates.      

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