Hamlet: An Obsessive Revenge

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Hamlet: An obsessive revenge


Hamlet: an obsessive revenge

Has it happened to you that from one moment to another you feel that everything is going wrong?, Well, Hamlet teaches us the story of the Prince of Denmark to whom he radically changes his life from the news that his father died and that in the absence of the situation, his uncle marries his mother, which destroys himPsychologically, until a strange event reveals the truth that caused misfortunes in Hamlet’s life.


This work prepared by William Shakespeare and published in 1603, proposes through a medieval context the aberrant things that a person can do in order to obtain what he wants without measuring the consequences of his actions and that, in this case was theKing Hamlet’s brother who poisoned him to seize the throne and his wife, being revealed by the King’s own soul to his son so he can avenge him and let him rest in peace. Listen to me now, Hamlet. Spread my voice that being in my sleeping garden a snake bit me. All Denmark ears were rudely deceived with this fabulous invention;But you should know, generous domebo, that the snake that bit your father, today swings his crown.

Now, after knowing this unfortunate truth, Hamlet puts himself as the only objective to avenge the death of his father, so, first influence his uncle Claudio through a theatrical work where he shows the cruel way of killing his brother and then,After being sent to England because of the supposed madness he possessed by accidentally killed Polonium, he returns to the castle where he faces Laertes (son of Polonium) for the death of his father. This confrontation carries different traps, both the tip of the sword with poison and the cup of poisoned wine, but ultimately everything ended with the death of Claudio, Laertes, Hamlet and his mother.


Finally, in my opinion Hamlet is a wonderful work, since in each act and scene we evidenceHe possesses and that he implies that this book is not from the common where the hero lives happy forever, Hamlet’s story does not conclude well based on the existential thinking that this character demonstrates with his iconic phrase of being or not being that is that is theissue and that lets us see what could not be Hamlet (king of Denmark) but what could achieve through obsessive revenge.


  • Shakespeare, w. (1603). Hamlet. Alexandria.

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