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chemotherapy as part of extensive treatment. Many studies have found the chemotherapy can make the saliva to thicken and lose its function. The thickness of the saliva might cause the mouth to be dry due to its inability to clean and flush the mouth of the remaining food debris. When the saliva is thick, it might not be able to move freely between the teeth. It is an issue that might result in the accumulation of the food particles, which would then result in tooth decay and bad breath for the elderly people. Since the elderly usually reach an advanced age that causes their bodies to lose the strength and stamina, some issues such as nerve damage usually occur. Nerve damage is a common problem that...

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chemotherapy was no longer working. It only made it worse by weakening her and causing more pain. My trust fund was due already. I had access to my money, but once again, the money could not help. It took a miracle for cancer to be cured. No amount of money was enough to repurchase her health. I was not a firm believer in God, but He was what I need most. Being humble, accepting the possibility that anything could happen and pray to God that in whatever errors we might have committed in our lives. It took patience, and a lot of it to be able to live, watch family members suffer in agony, my brother rotting in prison for trying to fend for his family. Not having a choice in life, living under the...

chemotherapy which is 30,000 dollars in 8-week cure. These medical expenses can, therefore, lead to poverty and more on lower class families. Regardless of the causes of poverty, its effects can be hostile. As earlier mentioned, poverty can be hereditary. It affects children and can last a lifetime that is; the probability of a poor child becoming a poor adult is high. Young girls' drops out of school and become teenage parents with no employment (Shannon, 1998). These low-income families have a risk of domestic violence and even divorce due to stress. Handling household basics usually are stressing even to well-off families; the low-income families have more stress on the burden of regular family...

Chemotherapy is often given in cycles. A cycle consists of a dose of a single or several drugs accompanied by many weeks or days with no treatment. The dose used mostly varies with a person’s weight. Chemo can sometimes be combined with radiation therapy, surgery, or both depending on the purpose for which it is intended, (Engert,, 2003). The side effects of chemotherapy are not the same for everybody. In most cases, the side effects are weighed against the desire of killing the cancer cells, this way the patients may not be discouraged very much. The side effects of this cancer treatment are several and range from short to long-term. According to the patients, one of the most common side...

chemotherapy and further prevention of its mortality and morbidity. These include the primary, secondary and tertiary mitigation measures respectively. Community nurses can use an active health promotion plan that increases awareness of the diseases by promoting health and disease prevention. The dynamic health promotion model is ideal for it ensures that people in a geriatric population are positively influenced through strategic healthy lifestyles. The health promotion model which was initially postulated by Nola Pender is an example of a health model (Linsley, Kane & Owen, 2011). The model approach promotes positive health by increasing the society’s knowledge on diseases. The model is...



chemotherapy (Ansell 435). Unlike Hodgkin, Non-Hodgkin lymphoma is a common type of malignancy that affects the immune system. This cancer is derived from the T cells or the B cells in the lymph nodes. It is prevalent among all ages but people above 60 years are at high risk of getting cancer (Rosen et al. 665). Just like the Hodgkin, non-Hodgkin lymphoma, people at high risk of the disease have a weakened immune system and are exposed to occupation hazards (Rosen et al. 668). Patients with this cancer show signs and symptoms such as excessive sweating at night, swollen lymph nodes that are painless, fatigue, sudden weight loss, and fever (Rosen et al. 669). Physicians diagnose the specific type...

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chemotherapy treatment. Registered nurses have the responsibility of caring for patients by supporting them through their treatment and symptom management (Tarzian et al., 2015). Through my services for the Mr. Newcomb, I will be doing my duty of managing the side effects resulting from the chemotherapy treatment; I will be helping him in reducing his discomfort while prolonging his survival period by taking care of him. In any case, I allow Mr. Newcomb to see his mistress while lying to her wife; I would be practicing non-maleficence with the aim of avoiding a scenario of harming the patient. On the other hand, Mr. Newcomb has the right to shift from aggressive chemotherapy treatment since the...

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chemotherapy is done using medicines injected into the body to kill the cancer cells that may not be curable. One of these treatment methods may be used alone or a combination of the three to treat cervical cancer. Once a patient is diagnosed with prostate cancer, imaging tests are done to determine if the cells have spread beyond the prostate glands, such as bone scan, CT, and MRI scans. Prostate cancer treatment depends on how fast the cancer is growing and spreading, the general health of the patient, and side effects of the treatment. The men who are diagnosed with low-risk prostate cancer may not need treatment instead physicians recommend active surveillance, which involves regular blood...

chemotherapy and surgery. The disease causes abnormal growth of cells in the lung linings. The condition caters for about 20% of the total cancer deaths above prostate cancer, bowel cancer, and breast cancer (Lee, 2003). The lung cancer cannot be transmitted from an individual to another, but one can acquire it if he spends time with smokers. The most efficient means to prevent lung cancer is to stop smoking altogether. Both passive and active smoking contributes to darkening of the lung lining. Therefore, reducing exposure to all forms of tobacco will play a major role in preventing the disorder. Early before the 1950s, lung cancer was a rare disease. People including doctors did not agree with...