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rights of the respondent according to the Fourth Amendment (Diana and Jennifer, 985). However, there are four main exceptions to the rule of “fruit of poisonous tree doctrine.” First, the evidence must have been obtained at least in part, from another independent or untainted source. In this case, the other source is applied as the legal means of acquiring the evidence. Secondly, it is apparent that the evidence would be discovered even despite the tainted source. The evidence will inevitably be obtained. Thirdly, there is the existence of attenuation between the unlawful activity and the law enforcement discovery. Finally, it is the case where search warrant becomes intrinsically invalid. A...

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rights of men and, right to own property, (Blaisdell 80-81).Thomas Paine also talks of rights of man that come with liberation, which included right to resistance from oppressions, (Blaisdell 85-89). Liberty also promoted France’s sovereign prided as a nation and improved her independent decisions as compared to under colonialism where the colonial government made most decisions arbitrarily. Now real concerns for freedom are equality and respect for human rights and entitlements. The absence of liberty causes an infringement of these rights. For a nation like France, abuse of human rights during this era raised concern for liberty, and that is what awaken the revolutionists like Paine and the...