John Locke’S Influence Today

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John Locke’s influence today

John Locke was born on August 29, 1632 in Wrington, (England) and died on October 28, 1704. John Locke was the son of an English lawyer. He spent his first years of education at the Westminster College and then passed to Oxford University for his intelligences. John Locke was an English thinker, also a diplomat, theologian, economist, professor of ancient and rhetoric and was based on liberal political thoughts. Although his specialty was medicine and had relationships with scientists from the time like, Isaac Newton. From everything he did, he became more interested in science, medicines and politics. When he arrived in Oxford, he started with the health race, when he finished the race, he was hired to be a doctor by Lord Ashley. John Locke was in command of Lord Ashley, being with him John Locke became interested in politics, Asin who made public charges but was forced to end in 1683. Stuardo was a dynasty that reigned to England in 1714 that forced him and forced John Locke to move to the Netherlands and France.

In this essay I will talk about how John Locke has influenced today. I will talk about the opinion and what John Locke wanted to do to do society positively or negatively. In my opinion John Locke has influenced positive in our current society, since he wanted the best for society and to citizens since he wanted men and women to have their own ideas and do not focus everything on God.. John Locke has influenced many ways in society such as politics, citizens, liberalism and religion. So my thesis is that John Locke a influenced for good.

John Locke’s thought about religion was not bad and that he believed in God, because if not as the human being had been born. That is why Locke did not denied religion in the country, but he wanted to limit it for private use, that meant that religion separated from the State. John Locke did not like or accept atheism, Locke believes that you had to believe a God but the State would intervene the stressful that were atheists. For John Locke, the relationship between the Government and the citizens was defined as a task, since John Locke wanted citizens to choose the representative who best helped or improve his tasks. John Locke said that the State’s power could not be in three presenters who are concentrated, since they could have an abuse of power before society. This is the division of powers according to John Locke: first the legislative power that constitutes a strict supreme power but not exactly an absolute power, since it has to respect the law of nature. The second power is the Executive Power, is the person who is responsible for doing what he says Legislative Power. The last power is the federative power, which is responsible for the security of the State and foreign relations. In society there is not the federative power in some countries since it has the judiciary that is the one who judges the people who do not respect the laws, but that John Locke was not a power. John Locke had two causes due to the dissolution of a government which are internal or external. External dissolution is when a society that governs cannot be conquered by an enemy state. For internal reasons they are that the legislative power be modified to absolute power, without the executive power is unable to put laws and if he executive and legislative power are both changed. In the first treaty on the civil government, John Locke had a criticism regarding the divine theory of rights of kings, for this reason John Locke rejected the idea of politics that was granted by God and Adam and Adam. Locke only had three points of view about politics in society and in the world, which are: God, man and things. In the sense that, the relationship of man will have the same natural equality since John Locke wanted each person to have a thought and ideas that they could do. John Locke wanted humans to have the right to have a private property, since he said it was a natural right. The property is based on work, since what the man or woman does through his work belongs to everything on that property as the worker as his family. Another of the things John Locke did is found empiricism, John Locke says that knowledge comes from experience except logic and mathematics. Locke postulates that our ideas comes from 2 major different sources, which are the sensations and perceptions of our mind. With all these things that John Locke did, he has influenced well since everything he did was improving for years and that thanks to him we have things in politics, private property, equality, liberalism, etc … Locke also did works such as essays on civil government, tolerance and the law of nature.

In conclusion, John Locke has influenced our society for good since what he wanted to do in his life, changing laws and wanting to put laws was to help citizens who had freedom as a natural person. With these arguments that I have given perfectly you can see that it supports my thesis which is that John Locke has influenced today’s society. In summary, everything Locke did was to help everyone with their ideas and what he proposes was only for the life of humans and that he has his freedom as God wanted since he does not have to be forced to anything.  

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