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American identity essay is a complex research piece assigned for high school and college students. You may need to prepare narrative or persuasive essays about American identity or familiar topics. To write a proper essay, you should define the concept of “American identity” in detail. Further, you need to reveal its main peculiarities for readers.

Often, profound research work is required to prepare a decent final paper in the end. When completing a persuasive essay, be ready to use various hook sentences and other emotional writing tricks to persuade the readers. You must be good with your critical thinking as well. If you lack proper writing talents and critical thinking abilities, it is better to reach for professional online writing assistance to help you.

John Smith


American Identity John Smith’s “The General History of Virginia” delves into the tales of Captain John Smith and his escapades in Virginia, U.S. during the 17th century. There is a historical debate about Smith being the first American. Expectedly, however, numerous critics do not endorse this assertion claiming that Smith is not fit to be described as the first American. The definition of “American” is relative and, therefore, each individual understands it from varied perspectives. Captain John Smith is indeed the first American as most of his characteristics are in-line with the different definitions of “American.” Fore mostly, there is a salient understanding that John Smith was...

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American identity living in Philadelphia and Virginia regions of North America (Baltzell, Digby pg 21). It is good to note that as more North Americans are largely understanding and realizing their ancestors especially in the states of Virginia and Philadelphia, the more it is influencing their lives. To become more aware of the origin many Germany-Americans living in the Philadelphia and Virginia are studying the past records that are describing their social history. At the beginning of the first third of 20th Century many Germany Philadelphians, particularly the children from immigrant’s family moved away from Germany - American identity and instead came up with new multiple identities...