Earthquakes In Alaska

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Earthquakes in Alaska


Alaska, United States: a Good Friday, March 27, at 5:00 p.m., from 1964, 5 years after Alask9.2 degrees on the Richter scale, with a duration of 4 minutes. His epicenter was located about 75 kilometers east of Anchorage, in the Prince Wiliam Sound in Alaska.  According to the US Geological Service. UU., The earthquake was so strong that the Space Needle Tower in Seattle, Washington to balance. In addition, it caused a tsunami that ravaged the cities in the Alaska Gulf. 


This tsunami caused damage to British columbia, from the west coast of the USA. UU. and Hawaii. That is, it is considered the most powerful earthquake in the history of North America. The local populations that were most seriously affected were: Chenega, Kodiak, Seward, Valdez, Whittier, Anchorage, the Kenai Peninsula and the Fjords of South Alaska. Additionally, eleven replicas of around 6.0 degrees were lived on the Richter scale, which were presented for up to 1 year after the main disaster, although of less intensity.

The aftershocks were responsible for increasing infrastructure losses, as they demolished the constructions that endured the main earthquake. Like the other cases already mentioned, this earthquake caused a tsunami, with waves that exceeded 5 meters high, along the entire west coast of the United States, involving Hawaii. The highest wave registered discharged its strength in the Ensenada de Valdez and reached 67 meters high. Human losses were approximately 139 people who died due to the earthquake.

This event charges the lives, of which 124 made it a victim of the tsunamis. This is so since, at that time, Alaska’s population was small.This earthquake, especially, represented the birth of the National Earthquake Information Center two years later and the creation of the Alaska Tsunamis Alert Center a year later. In conclusion, natural catastrophes are a point of reference in the history of a population, representing a turn in not only geographical aspects, but also demographic, social, cultural and economic. 

The reconstruction process of a geographical area affected by earthquakes constitutes a high complexity process, in which it has been seen that, international and intersectoral cooperation is the key to returning to the operation prior to the natural disaster. Over the years, by force, numerous teachings on earthquakes have been kept, the devastating that can be and all the strategies that are achieved to reduce the consequences of these and the human losses that generate. Each new disaster leaves a new lesson to know how to act in the face of a next event.

It can be initiated in a timeline with the Valdivia earthquake (Chile), in the development of this it is possible to show that the first events before the catastrophic earthquake, were in places near Valdivia with tremors, which generated replicas, and causedthat numerous buildings already deteriorated by the first movement collapse, thanks to the prompt reaction of the population, these places were to be evicted, without initially charging human lives, with this it is possible to understand the importance of the prompt evacuation in cases of alert orimminent danger.

Nowadays in areas or not of danger, multiple plans and strategies have been created to achieve the evacuation of various places and avoid the death of the inhabitants as this earthquake leaves the teaching. Another important point to leave as learning this town is that contingency plans must be generated after the events occur and before these, the main thing is teamwork, as happened when the San Pedro River was blocked, theRiñihue lake level which led to this river, multiple organizations joined.

Among these: diverse battalions of the Chilean Army, hundreds of workers and builders of Endesa, Corfo and the Ministry of Public Works, which thanks to organized work and set achieved the resolution of the problem with the emptying of the lake, this shows that the workAs a team he achieves great things, in this case saving what was left of the population of Valdivia which could be completely flooded.Chronologically only 4 years later the Alaska earthquake occurred (EE.Uu) which follows it in magnitude, as well as the Indonesian earthquake in 2004.

These two were the cause of numerous deaths, and unfortunately with these, awareness of the implementation of earthquakes and tsunamis alert systems were created, although in 2004 several alert centers were already being created such as those that monitored the Pacific and Caribbean ocean,But after the tsunami, the creation of alert centers for the Indian Ocean accelerated. At present in countries such as Spain systems such as the National Tsunamis Network Network of Tsunamis Warning, which is designed to detect, value and inform, in the first instance have been implemented.

About those phenomena that, due to their characteristics, could produce tsamot, with this we reaffirm the above with respect to the importance of evacuation, however, over the years, the techniques to predict the different events caused by nature have been perfectedand promote a rapid eviction of the areas that can be affected.  


Throughout the history of earthquakes, the sum of many of these, without naming any specifically.A progressive and continuous knowledge has been generated with respect to buildings, making antisísmic or safe constructions against earthquakes today. All these measures are continuous change helping to reduce mortality rates in areas prone to earthquakes.  

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