Consequences For Confining: Social Isolation

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The psychological effects of confinement are: anxiety and fear caused by the feeling of living in a world disaster, uncertainty about the future because we do not know what will happen, we cannot control the situation, personal frustration, which makes us remain indifferent or continue looking forUpdated information can cause anxiety in the state and excess information about COVID-19 symptoms, and can also cause rickets behavior.

During coexistence, emotional ups and downs can affect interpersonal relationships. Another consequence is loneliness, especially among the elderly, because human beings need to communicate and contact others to transmit emotions and thoughts, and when this contact is private, sadness and depression can occur.

In children: for children, certain studies have confirmed that the psychological consequences or characteristics of trauma after a pandemic can be post -traumatic stress, regression to the previous stage, aggressiveness and rebellion, and even sleep disorders. It should be remembered that the children absorbed the emotional environment that their parents transmitted at home. Obesity is another physiological effect, because people ignore diet and seek anxiety therapy.

The closure will also aggravate the conditions that have existed during the closing period. Because children are in the complete development stage, there are problems with their emotional and behavioral regulation, they lack activities, street games and social activities. In addition, they need routines and habits to feel safe, stable and follow their own biological rhythms. Movement restriction can cause anger, crying, fear, food disorders and some hyperactivity.

Unfortunately, the quarantine period we face has two basic aspects: isolation or isolation of family and friends and restrictions on human migration. In addition, it means breaking with the routine, our hobbies or activities of leisure and freedom. Due to many reasons, such as continuous fear of infection, economic uncertainty, loss of work, reduction of monthly income, frustration caused by a sedentary lifestyle and live all day, this prolonged period of time leadsto greater stress. Partner, son or fourth partner.

Isolation means isolation of people to avoid being infected or infected with third parties. In addition, its impact on humans depends on age. Therefore, before pandemic, the impact of children on children will be different from the psychological impact of single / separate adults, adults in family life or older people who have suffered loneliness and social isolation.

The facts have shown that this period of mandatory imprisonment will cause temporary and permanent psychological damage. Stress, confusion, irritability and sadness can occur in situations of solitude, isolation, misinformation and uncertainty, as well as excessive exposure to negative news and saturation of medical centers are also causes of stress and anxiety.

It turns out that the isolation period usually causes mental damage to individuals, because among other things, we are social people who need interpersonal communication. However, due to the lack of vital space, excess, abnormality and continuity, a stressful situation will also arise.

The suggestions made by the government, such as we go to the bakery of the corner, sometimes look like a real threat, make us feel outrageous and prevent us from leaving home. The appearance of the ‘balcony police’ is due to personal frustration and stubbornness towards others. Parallel to the health problem, the economic uncertainty caused by the temporary closure of the company, the reduction of the work activity and the decline of the stock market have also raised another concern that generates psychological barriers. 

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