Conquest And Colonization Of Costa Rica And America: Vision Of The American Native.

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Conquest and colonization of Costa Rica and America: Vision of the American native.


In the process of conquest and colonization that occurred between 1502-1570, the Europeans intended to "civilize" the indigenousculture and language to the natives, they saw them as lower beings, wild beasts that needed to be instructed, they thought they were saving them. 

However, the natives had already reached some degree of civilization, although they lacked certain "technological" tools, such as cattle and certain weapons, had reached an incredible development, their way of life, their culture, religion, religion, had already established, beliefs, languages, had extensive knowledge in medicine, had found a way to cultivate, producing their own foods to feed hundreds of people, so they did not really need the beliefs of Europeans, when they snatch their lands, food and customsThere was no favor to the natives, if not, themselves.


In Costa Rica, there were differences between indigenous peoples, some were violent with large military forces, while others were more noble, and they let themselves influence more easily, some of these peoples established alliances with the Spaniards, and were friendly, despiteThis treated them cruelly, although before the conquest most of the peoples reacted violently, since they were usurping their lands and other possessions.

Europeans brought slavery, critical working conditions, diseases that exterminated entire peoples. In the religious aspect, which is the one that presents a greater relevance in the facts, the conquerors took Christianization as something essential to achieve their mission, when they considered to impart the message, did not stop war and slavery until they found someone whowill translate them in excellent way. 

A basic point is the faith of the indigenous people in spiritual power, some of these indigenous peoples, such as the nahoas, believed in a supreme being, creator of everything, worshiped the sun, the moon, and nature, which has very closely related aspectsWith Christianity, which could result in a determining factor when accepting the Christian religion, they even believed that they had been sent by the gods. 

However, the indigenous people wanted. 


So they continued to make their rituals and even human sacrifices, in Peru a religious movement of indigenous resistance emerged: "Taki onqoy", which means, "dance disease", which removed the Christianity of the body. Things like these led the priests to think about measures of violence and punishment to impose them.

In summary, the arrival of the Spaniards and Europeans in America supposed for the native exploitation, ethnocide, loss of culture, their languages, their beliefs, their rituals, ecological deterioration, but also a great resistance against a powerful enemy. The indigenous people had the role of accepting or rebeling what others, with vain justifications, did about them.  

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