Conflicts Over The Holy Lands Of Israel Between Jews And Muslims

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Conflicts over the holy lands of Israel between Jews and Muslims

The story goes back thousands of years, in the Middle East, in this place there is a very special mountain, the mount “Zion” and in this mountain there is a rock, yes, a rock, a very important rock.

In those times there were no countries like those of now, but the oldest archaeological fact are some Egyptian ceramics of the nineteenth century BC, known as "the Execution Texts", in them they tell us that there was a city called "Roshlamem" andClay tablets known as "Las Amarna letters" of the fourteenth century before Christ refer to that city, but with the name of "Urusalem" which means City of Peace.

Urusalem was also known simply as "Salem" and his king was known as "Melchizedek", thus, according to historical texts, the first known owner of Monte Sion and this territory was King Melchizedek.

A couple of centuries later this territory no longer belonged to this ancient kingdom, but was in possession of the "Jebuseos" who changed the name of "Jebus", in addition there were many other cultures by populating these lands, such as Canan, Jerichoor the ancient fenecía, for that time Egypt already existed a long time ago. Egypt had arrived the first descendants of Israel and after living many years there they became slaves of their hosts.

In the thirteenth century BC, during the reign of Pharaoh Ramses ⅱ It was when the Israelites left Egypt, after their departure from Egypt, the children of Israel lived several years as nomads in Shur’s desert, which is currently known as theArab deserts;They according to their beliefs would receive from God the promised land that could not be other than Mount Zion, this is how the children of Israel begin a war campaign, conquer canan, destroy Jericho and defeat the Jebuseos, rising as the owners of theseland.

In the ten century before Christ, Israel under the reign of Saul dominated all this extension of land, with the death of King Saul succeeded David, who in his term defeated the Philistines and expanded more his kingdom, after the death of thisSolomon succeeded him, who further expanded this territory.

In these times, the temple of Jerusalem was built on Mount Zion, also known as the temple of Solomon, a formidable building, where Solomon kept the ark of the Alliance and worship his God. Several hundred years later, the Babylonian Impero would reach Jerusalem, besieging the city and destroying the temple, after this the ark of the alliance disappeared and the kingdom of Israel also, however, the Babylonian empire would not last forever, the Persian empireHe would defeat Babylon, taking control of Mount Zion and allowing the Jews to return to Jerusalem and rebuild his temple, but the Persian impero would not be eternal either, since the Greek empire would rise on them and a couple of centuries later the Greek empire would be annexedTo the great Roman Empire.

In the year zero Jesus Christ would be born and thirty -three years later he would step on the second temple, in the year sixty -six the children of Israel would rebel against Rome because they wanted to be independent, the emperor Tito crushed this rebellion and in the seventy year completely destroysThe second temple, like the walls of this temple were covered with gold, after melting in the fire would tear down the stones to take it out, the only thing that was left was an outer wall, which exists until today, is known as the wall ofThe regrets, a few years later the Emperor Adriano reunified the lands of Israel and changed the name to Palestine, in honor of one of the mountains of Rome, prohibited the entrance to the Jews, with which the surviving Jews escaped everywhere in theworld.

Some time later, the Constantine emperor used religion to unify his empire, this was done by announcing his transformation to Cristianthe present day.

For the year four hundred and seventy -six the Roman Empire was already falling apart, for this point everyone longed for Jerusalem and were willing to fight it to achieve it. According to Abraham he had 2 children Isaac and Ismael, it was then that God ordered Abraham to sacrifice his son, but in the end an angel stopped him because it turns out that while the Old Testament of the Bible says that this son was Isaac, IslamHe says that this son was Ismael, Ismael’s offspring was the Muslim people, while Isaac’s offspring are the Jews, so both believe they are the descendants chosen by God and also the rock where this sacrifice was going to be made is preciselyOn Mount Zion, the place where the second temple was once, so in the year six hundred ninety -one approximately the Arabs built in this place, at the site where the second temple was around this rock what is now known as therock dome.

For one thousand nine hundred seventeen these lands now called Palestine were full of Muslims, Christians and Jews and that is when World War II begins, for this time the world map was already like today, after Hitler’s defeat all the Jews ofEurope and Germany escaped these lands, the Arabs and the Jews had many conflicts, so in 1946 the British get tired of this, do you leave Jerusalem and leave it in the hands of the UN and the UN decides to declare the existence of 2States, Israel and Palestine, Israel accepts this resolution, however Palestine and the Arab nations do not, this is how on May fifteen of nineteen forty -eight Israel declares its independence and the next day the neighboring Arab countries begin the invasion, thus starting the Arab – Israeli war.

Egypt, Iraq, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, supported by reinforcements of Libya, Saudi Arabia and Yemen began to invade Israel on all fronts while the UN remained on the sidelines, this war would last fifteen months and at the end of IsraelAbsolute conquering the entire territory in dispute and going back to all enemy nations, with these results the Arab nations were not satisfied, so in the year of nineteen sixty -seven they declared war again.

The Arab nations, Egypt Jordan, Iraq and Syria attacked for all fronts to Israel, but only six days later, in the famous six -day war Israel had struck themselves as a winner, being back and taking their lands. A short time later Israel returned the lands taken, but stayed with a large part of what used to be Palestine.

For Arabs and Muslims from a religious point of view, their enemies are the Jews, because they have control of one of their most sacred places, the dome of the rock and so that the children of Israel can rebuild their temple may be necessary to destroy thisDome, this creates a great friction between Israel and the Palestinians, which are mostly Islamic, because both say they own these lands.

Thus, for this reason Jerusalem and Mount Zion is from the origin of the times is a sacred place for several million people and surely the most coveted and disputed place of the world. It is said that the third temple will be rebuilt shortly before the prophecies of the apocalypse are fulfilled and Muslims believe that the rock that is located in the center of the dome is the point from which Muhammad sieges the heavens to meet with God. 

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