Computers: Brief History And Effects

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Computers: Brief History and Effects

Today living without computers is extremely difficult, because this device has become a device of great importance for society, currently the vast majority of things do with computers, it should be noted that computers is not just what we knowLike those of desktops, if we remember the concept that we can visualize in the material of activity 1.1 A computer is a device that processes data and makes them useful information for people, as this concept is analyzing a mobile phone, a computer, television etc., They are also computers.

Computers are much more important than we can imagine, we can find it everywhere and much of our life in our day to day is advanced by computers. Our society has changed and lifestyles are totally different from those of years ago. If we travel retrospectively to the 50s, we find television as the only entertainment medium. After about 40 years, the computer arrived to dethrone that position and become a great source of communication and entertainment. But just when it was thought that there could not be something more relevant, smart phones came to the fore, which began to shine for their usefulness. They currently connect to the entire world thanks to the already known social networks.

Computer science has developed great power in the daily life of millions of people around the world, becoming essential for society. It is currently considered a tool of utmost importance for enjoyment. One of the most relevant technological advances without a doubt has been the Internet, thanks to this, useful information is collected that serves as a connection bridge between nations.

If we start imagining one day without computers with the so advanced that technology is today a tremendous chaos for our world since it depends on the advance of technology. We have become so dependent that only the thought that it did not exist is complicated to process, the simple fact of thinking that there would be no computers, the smartphones, or social networks, no video games, nor the tablets or practicallyanything we use in our day to day. Everything is technology.

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