Computer Science And Their Relationship With Money

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Computer science and their relationship with money


The Bloomberg billionaire index (BBI for the acronym of Bloomberg Billionaires Index) or simply Bloomberg index is a ranking where the richest people in the world are shown based on the business days of the New York Stock Exchange. According to this index that shows the richest people in the world, for 2019, five of the ten rich people in the world their fortune comes or is related to computer science and technology. These five characters have remained on the list for some years although they have varied position, which denotes that, in addition to excitingachieve.

The five visionaries who managed to knead their fortune thanks to computer science, internet or technology are:

Jeff Bezos

Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon, is among the first names of the list. Much of its fortune comes from the percentage of participation for shares that it has on Amazon, the successful largest Internet sales company in the world and that helped to gestate. From birth this company was profitable, but its exponential growth has made investment dividends multiply every year. His fortune exceeds 115 billion dollars.

Bill Gates

It was expected that the name of Bill Gates would continue to be on this list thanks to the success that even after so many years Microsoft has. Most of his fortune comes from investments created with the sales of the shares and dividends that Microsoft has generated, this investment fund is called Cascade Investment;In addition to continuing to receive income because it has a percentage of shares and Microsoft continues to innovate to remain leader in the software market. His fortune exceeds 115 billion dollars.

Mark Zuckerberg

The great fortune of the young Zuckerberg comes from the participation of 14% of actions he has on Facebook, the social network created by him and that has more than two million users. This social network, considered the largest in the world, has been integrated into other social networks such as Instagram and WhatsApp which is expected to be even greater than those already perceived by advertising. His fortune is around 83 billion dollars.

Larry Ellison

Having 27% participation in shares in Oracle, an American company manufacturer of software and products related to databases, of which he was co -founder, has generated Mison of most of his fortune that is around 60 billion dollars.

Larry Page

Google definitely, the world’s greatest search engine, is a gold mine. Every day the millions of web searches that are made in number increases. Also every day new features such as Google Maps, Google Drive, Google Ads, among others and gain adherents with what generates profits by various sources are integrated. Most of Page’s fortune comes from having 6% participation in shares in Alphabet the Google parent company and currently its fortune exceeds 69 billion dollars.

If all these men who bet on innovative technology and projects are in common, they have had a great vision, they have projected or dared to create great things that are passionate and that in the long run they turned out to be lucrative.  

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