Computer Networks: Characteristics And Uses

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Computer networks: characteristics and uses

It is important to know that computer networks are a fundamental part of a equipment, that is, they are composed of those computers and other devices added to the one where they are connected by means of cables or waves that in turn share important information and resources to resourcesWireless networks such as the Internet and social networks, but we can also mention the printers and files that are in turn integrated into these networks in one way or another, being a very important form, allows long -distance communication by facilitating us facilitating usIn this way, establish a conversation through this network, it is very efficient when interacting.

In the same order of ideas I can mention some types of networks where it is worth highlighting the public network, which is an interconnected network capable of sharing and disseminating information allowing it to do it for free, we also have the private one that only those can use by those can use itPeople with their personal key, as is also the personal network that can only be used so to speak through the communication between their personal devices and can only connect with USB cables, on the other hand there is the virtual premises thatIn this case, computers and their nodes can reach, it allows others to be achieved through data which could be an example a cyber.

On the other hand, one of the technologies with the greatest influence in our day to day is nothing more than a large computethat connects with each other that also networks by its users and allows us to establish an internet connection.In contact smaller networks and expands its reach until it becomes an authentic global network, being number one in all and the mother of communication to interact with each other and not be drifting, but it is almost always private that is to say that isPayment in all access.

Then so that all this great system work, it is essentialwhich easily consists of a series of rules that regulate the transmission of data in the respective network. It is really incredible what we can do with the internet and as far as we can get, but we must know how to use it and how to handle it because there are people who manipulate these things and can harm users, this being a risk when introducingKeys in public networks, since there are resources that store all the necessary information to harm us.

Likewise, one of the most important characteristics used to describe a network are the speed per second that is advancing, as well as the security that it has, likewise the availability at the time of how, when and where to use it, but alsoThere is reliability, which as I said before we have to be very careful when using it. But basically all this described is based on making the respective solution to the needs of the users, but obviously progressing little by little since the occasional user performs activities of greater intensity.

There is also the influence of social networks with regard to computer networks, where this has to be at our service to enjoy and take advantage of them positively and not negatively, but we must be very clear that this should never be forenslave ourselves and make us feel bad, but to evolve and create new horizons helping others through the networks, sometimes this being a very large obstacle between the screen the keyboard and our thinking, basically the networks help us depending on their capacity such as whatI have said before, but they really make it easier for us to be informed to the second of what happens in the world.

Finally, all networks and technologies have evolved so much that they have basically led us to such a strange background, where it is like everything, this has advantages and disadvantages, but in the personal aspect I think that you have to ignore the comments and verify them beforeIf deciphering them, as well as doing things from which you would not be proud in the world of virtual and society, but not knowing how to use and create lead us to the contact of removing or approaching what we do not want, and make sure wethat we have good electronic servers available is a very good idea in this changing world today.

A simple computers network can build computers by adding an adapter of the network and connecting them using a cross cable, this type of network is useful to transfer information between two computers that normally do not connect with each other by a permanent network connection or for basic usesof the network establishment. In the case of wanting to connect two or more computers, it is necessary to use a concentrator that will be in charge of repeating the signal and bandwidth available between the equipment connected to it.They generally require some special devices apart from the network interface controller with which each computer must be equipped.

The most important characteristics of the network are the speed that is the speed of speed with which the data is transmitted, the security indicatedThe fullness that indicates the network capacity to allow to achieve a link between computers and transmission media is necessary to intervention a network card.

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