Climatic Changes That Affect The Ecuadorian Economy

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Climatic changes that affect the Ecuadorian economy


In Ecuador there are several modifiers of the economy, on the one hand, there are those that promote economic activities for optimal development and obtain better benefits, on the contrary, there are others that only delay these activities sometimes producing large losses irremediable. This section will talk about the effect of climate change in the Ecuadorian economy, where it will be analyzed to what extent this impact has affected us in several periods of time and in what way has done them. In the same way some alternatives will be raised to mitigate, control or establish measures to minimize these impacts within the economy of Ecuador.


How do pollution influence climatic changes that affect the Ecuadorian economy? And to what extent does climate change affect the Ecuadorian economy? These are questions that arise when reading the title of this essay. Analyzing is essential to know how the economy of a country is affected by something that seems as insignificant as climate change, but it is what most spontaneously harms the economy, since due to pollution there are more and more changesIn the weather, such that it brings problems such as natural disasters, which must be assumed by the country’s government when it comes to immense catastrophes, which entails that in an unexpected way the economy of the country is modified, and it is notA positive factor for the economy, since this leads to an economic decrease in the country, which in the short term is seen as affects the nation.

It is because of that, although it seems absurd in most countries of the world, climate change is in an uncontrollable and irreversible way, thus giving it in recent times more important to educate the population and raise awareness about what the damage we do toplanet and the world of economy, just by throwing a residue or not learning to use 4 r.


How do pollution influence climatic changes that affect the Ecuadorian economy?

Contamination is the main cause of climatic changes, since it is what is most in the world, from industrialization there was an increase in greenhouse gases, since the owners of the industries are not always aware of whereThey throw their waste or waste and also not in many cases access the planting of trees to counteract the pollution produced by the pollutant gases that expel the large factories.

"Greenhouse gas emissions are the largest market failure that the world has seen". As a synthesis, the main conclusion of the Stern report is the need to make an investment equivalent to 2% of the world GDP to mitigate the effects of climate change. (Newsletter, 2020)

On the Newsletter website explains that pollution is the main cause of market failures, this is because the resources that should be invested in more goods and services to meet the needs of people, are occupied to mitigate the effectsof climate change, since pollution causes the majority of natural disasters to occur, for example, global warming leads to the meals of the poles having that as a consequence of the rise in sea level, causing the floods more than all inThe coastal areas, on the other hand, global warming also causes constant water evaporation by causing droughts, since there is a dense or hot climate

To what extent does climate change affect the Ecuadorian economy?

Climate changes often bring drastic natural disasters, which lead to having great consequences in certain places, places where the government has to assume the consequences and see how to find solutions, for the population that was affected.

In the world of investments there are also talk of losers. The Blackrock firm, with funds in 30 countries of the world, warns that investment portfolios would be impacted by the destruction left by hurricanes, floods and forest fires that increase by climatic phenomena. (Newsletter, 2019)

Natural disasters such as floods, hurricanes, forest fires, droughts, among others, represent unexpected decrease in the economy in the first instance of the affected people, leading to this to the fact that the country’s economy is also harmed, since as it has beenExpressed above and by the Newsletter website the government must access to see for the well -being of its country, that is, it must always have a solution for the problems that the people have, this represents a good investment, which at the end leaves a costof opportunity, since that money was initially going to be used for other issues.

On the other hand, climatic changes affect the work activities of certain people leaving them many times in economic crisis, for example, the life and livelihood of a farmer depends on the climate, since, if there is drought, production is lost and if there areExcess rain is also lost much of production.

These are some of the cases of climatic changes that have caused natural disasters that led to a decrease in the Ecuadorian economy. (Augustinus, 2008)

In recent decades, Ecuador has been the scene of natural phenomena of considerable magnitude that have particularly serious to the most vulnerable population: the poor population of rural areas.

The Ecuadorian government has been in need of helping and investing much of its income in the reconstruction of the damages that natural disasters have left, since the population affected mostly remains in extreme poverty, so the State VeThe way to provide housing, aid kits that include food, clothes, among other things.


In conclusion, according to all the information that has been collected, we can analyze that, climate change if it greatly affects the Ecuadorian economy, since this itself brings great consequences that seem insignificant, but represent a great public spending that is notYou can recover. On the contrary, it is money that although I leave opportunity costs, it was well invested in help to the people.

On the other hand, we can analyze that pollution if it influences climatic changes, and that is due to this that there is currently a climate with unusual times, which often lead to provoking crisis more than anything in the primary sector of theEconomy, that is to say that this is due to the droughts or floods in the various places of Ecuador.

That is why, a way to counteract pollution should be sought, so this would be a fundamental factor for the climate to be maintained better, and does not access so many catastrophes that can harm the country’s economy and thereforeThe economy that each of its inhabitants. New methods or solutions should also be created, which should be exposed to people who are in the most vulnerable places, so that when they are inverse in a catastrophic situation, I can know what options or paths of solutions can use, so as not to be so harmedand at the same time not harming the economy of the Ecuadorian State.


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