Climate Terror In Australia And Its Effects

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Climate terror in Australia and its effects

Australia has a very terrifying and intense climatic season with a very remarkable start date, but not culmination. The most populated areas such as Costa Este and Sur, were affected by the presence of Dipolo del Oceano Indicio This phenomenon has produced heat and drought (BBC News Mundo, 2020). In addition, it has caused the death of several people, material, economic losses and what has come out much more harmed is the fauna and flora of this geographical region (Sputnik Mundo, 2020).

Cave emphasize that Australia has already lived, has already gone through forest fires every year, but that I can have caused and caused this great and fierce fire.

With a very noticeable start in September 2019, it began mainly affecting the most populated areas of several states of the east and south coast including areas around Sydney and Adelaida (BBC News Mundo, 2020).Countries like the United States and Canada were present at this problem by providing their help. Even King Salmán from Saudi Arabia maintained a telephone conversation on Friday with Morrison, both expressed governments (Melbourne, 2020).

After long months without an effective solution against climate affectation, disasters, pollution and devastations that increased every day, the Australians took to the streets in protest.

Scott Morrison in Sydney, is accused of inaction protesters before fires and lack of commitment to the climatic crisis (the newspaper, 2020).In Melbourne they also point out that he has had poor management of the crisis. The main demands of the protesters are the increase in the endowment for firefighters, the adoption of urgent measures against climate change and the resignation of the prime minister (Melbourne, 2020).

On Sunday, January 5, Scott was present and said “we are putting military, more helicopters, more ships and trucks to support the fight against fires and recovery efforts as part of the response coordinated by these terrible fires (Telesur, 2020) "

Promised more financing for firefighters, pay for volunteer firefighters and send 3000 soldiers to fight against the flames. (BBC News Mundo, 2020).

Authorities have asked people who are in risk areas to evacuate because the fierce fire has already consumed 10 million hectares. Minister Daniel Andrews said they must be alert and evacuate if he is asked to do so (Melbourne, 2020).

As for the victims, this terrible crisis has been 27 so far caused the prime minister to announce at the beginning of the week the creation of a fund for those affected by the fires, which has an initial endowment of 1.240 million euros (Melbourne, 2020).

And it is that Australia has already managed to overcome these fires, but because with more than 3 months it has not yet done so and that is that the weather is warm and dry helps that help the fire continue spreading in very fast dimensions, in NovemberThere were very few rains compared to the last 120 years. Also the cigarette butts on twenty people causing fires and the winds that helped spread the fire thus achieving 1800 homes were devastated.

In the flora the public body that was released to the atmosphere about 400 megatonos of carbon dioxide, a gas that contributes to global warming. The fires burned the essential forests to clean the carbon dioxide, the panorama is ‘little promising,’ said Clare Nullis, OMM spokesman (Sputnik Mundo, 2020).

In the fauna it is even more terrible what people are happening are being evacuated, but the animals are being trapped inside the flames and if that were not enough when they manage to leave or dodge the flames and have the legs a little burning or sometimesBurned but being able to walk slowly, they are finally killed by volunteer veterinarians they indicate that it is so that they no longer suffer (Coren, 2020).


Many months have passed and in my opinion, what happens is very terrible, but people are even more terrible, housing situations that give a lot to think about all the flora that has been burned and the animals that either die in flamesor they are killed because they have passed through flames and are injured or parts of them burned but alive and so that they no longer suffer them immortalized with a dart and kill them.  

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