Cleopatra And The Decisive Battle

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Cleopatra and the decisive battle


During the year 31 to.C, it took place in front of the Greek coast, one of the most decisive battles and of greater political significance throughout the Roman orb not because of its strategic, nor military importance but for the consequences that it had for the future and the future of eventsof the Roman Republic. Julio César Octaviano fell into a skilled political and propaganda strategy had the perfect solution to all his problems, since he found the ideal way to definitively eliminate his father’s right hand and with which he had to share power fromThe death of César, the time had come that so many times the young César had dreamed, to be the only heir to Julio César. 


Thanks to his skill in the management of propaganda and in view of the fact that Marco Antonio was more concentrated in exploring and seducing Cleopatra and favoring his intimate desires to explore new territories or favor the interests of Rome. Octaviano took advantage and used it in his favor, the attitude Marco Antonio was having and that according to Roman customs were seen as uncivic and anti Roman acts, since in general the Roman society did not see with good eyes that one of its leaders whoI wanted to govern Rome, he was married to a foreign monarch. Octaviano using his great oratory and power of persuasion wanted to convince the Senate and the Roman people.

Getting with the Testament of Marco Antonio for which he recognized the son of Julio César, Cesarion as his legitimate heir and with the false or not rumor that he wanted to transfer the capital of Rome to Alexandria. Thanks to these rumors, to a magnificent discredit campaign against Marco Antonio and his beloved Cleopatra and his great power of persuasion he managed to declare war on Egypt under the false pretext that Cleopatra wanted to usurp the power of Rome, but in realityIt was a declaration of war against Marco Antonio, but as the Senate and the Roman people would not have accepted a new civil war and the young César took advantage.

I use it to get his long -awaited objective that he had been chasing for thirteen long years, to claim what belonged to him by right. Although the vast majority of the Roman people and most senators supported him there were some senators who went to Marco Antonio’s side. On the other hand Marco Antonio and Cleopatra possessed more riches and more men than the Octavian side, so veteran general Marco Antonio and given the little ability that Octavian possessed that he would easily defeat him, but the underestimal which brought him huge consequences. The most important and decisive confrontation between Marco Antonio and Cleopatra and Octaviano.

I stop a naval battle against the Greek coast near the Promotory of Accio in the Gulf of Ambracia, thanks to the great military skill and skillIt should be noted that during the heat of the Cleopatra battle without apparent explanation fled from the battle to Egypt and Marco Antonio guided more for their feelings of affection than by military strategy I made the negligent decision to follow his beloved Cleopatra, leaving his menabandoned to your fate. What seemed to be one of the most decisive battles.

It resulted in an open war and that lasted more than it really expected. Octavian when seeing the disruption that Cleopatra and Marco Antonio had starred, he decided to advise Marco Antonio’s final and put an end to the war. The following year, Octaviano headed to Alexandria, which was the place where Marco Antonio and Cleopatra were hidden, quickly conquered Egypt and the city of Alexandria. Marco Antonio, erroneously learned that his beloved had died, and in a tragicomic act and in reference to the famous tragic work of Shakespeare about Marco Antonio and Cleopatra, who beat Marco Antonio, was Marco Antonio!, Marco Antonio took his life.

For its part Cleopatra, as Suetonio tells us, Octaviano had a special interest in keeping it alive until his triumph was celebrated. Cleopatra, the one that would end up being the last monarch of the Ptolemaic dynasty, refusing to be humiliated and used as a trophy and victory symbol of his Octavian enemy, he committed suicide after a rough made a deadly bite. Although Octaviano loved her alive, she thought that Dead was going to cause her less problems. Regarding his descendants, Octaviano executed without any mercy on the children with Fulvia of Marco Antonio and also to the successor of Cleopatra and the Ptolemaic dynasty and that Cleopatra claimed to have had with Julio Cesar.

Cesarion against the other children of Marco Antonio and Cleopatra kept them alive, it is very possible that he kept them alive, since they did not represent a threat.  After Octaviano’s victory in Actium and his victory over Egypt, Octavian. Annexes Egypt to the Roman Empire. With the victory of the future César in the battle of Actium and defeated Marco Antonio and Cleopatra, one of the periods of greatest prosperity, peace and greatness of the Roman Empire, known as the Principality, begins, having the man guides who thanks to his perseverance, your tenacity.

Political ability achieved what at first seemed impossible and so for several years he had to fight and share power, but thanks to his desire to be able to be crowned as an imperator César Augusto and would go down in history as the first emperor of Rome in RomeAnd for forty -two years he guided the designs of the Roman Empire until his death in 14 D.C. The battle of Actium, throughout history and in its numerous representations, has been drawn on many occasions as a more impressive battle of what really happened, since the victory of César Augusto in Actrium went down in history as thefoundational fact of the augusteo regime.

A new city near Accio called Nicópolis (City of Victory) and a monument was also built in contemplating the sea in honor of César Augusto’s triumph in Actium. It should be noted that Octavian’s victory in Actium was a before and after in the history of the West, since a period of peace and political stability began, that Roman society was both anxious after so many years of civil wars and of political instability of political instability, known this period of prosperity with the name of Paxaugustea. In short, the rise to the power of César Augusto until the absolute power was achieved and the first emperor of Rome was proclaimed, it was a very long and tortuous path.

He had to overcome many obstacles to get such anxious prize. César Augusto The weak, sickly man who lacked the military ability that many leaders needed to govern a vast empire like the Roman, did not intimidate and planted face to all those who put themselves against him, to his adversaries he defeated them toMost of them in the military field, since César August. To understand the rise to the power of Augustus and his innumerable military victories, we must highlight the name Marco Vipsanio Agrippa, his loyal friend and military of greater confidence, since although Augusto took all the merit in all the battles, the true architectIt was Agrippa.


César Augusto, the man who since his inexperience and from his magnificent political ability transformed both Roman politics and forjo one of the greatest empires of the entire world known at that time. Throughout history, specifically, during the S. XX Several European leaders tried to imitate him and tried to consolidate their power justifying their political actions in the political system implanted by Augustmanaged to re -obtain what Augusto achieved during his long reign, since the political, economic and cultural circumstances are completely different from the years that Augusto ruled.

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