Classroom Understanding Strategies

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Classroom understanding strategies


One of the fundamental objectives of classroom education is to teach. To know as teachers if the task of teaching is resulting well and if students are understanding, there is what is known as verification strategies of classroom understanding. The exams of your students. You can know in advance whether or not they have been doing well, whether they have managed to understand the result, continue.


 Few teachers usually take the time to focus on the weaknesses and misunderstandings of students’ knowledge after the tests have been qualified; By then it is too late and these usually lose interest. It is clear, therefore, that it is necessary to rethink how to focus the evaluation during class. 

To get to the student, it is not enough to explain things well, you have to follow the understanding close. We can do it with these simple strategies to verify comprehension in the classroom: it is important?. 

Normally students always answer yes to these questions. To avoid these surprises and help students follow ideas in class you have to ask very specific questions that require their new knowledge acquired and previous. Ask students to reflect to ask students, in the last five minutes of the session, to reflect on the subject developed and write in some lines what they have learned. 

We will collect these written reflections and review them. In addition, we can make them consider and tell how to apply the subject, concept or ability learned in a practical environment. Qualify or indicate the understanding of the content by the students. This strategy requires the commitment of all students and allows the teacher to check the understanding within a large group. 

Five fingers when they have achieved the maximum understanding of the issue and remove fingers until they leave only one to indicate that they believe they have achieved the minimum understanding. Student response posters will create response posters in a classroom session to use them throughout the course. To do this we will use the material we have by hand: 

Individual blackboards, cards, folios or we can even manufacture permanent posters to throughout the course with several possible answers to use. The group teaches their posters. They can be, for example, a green poster to indicate that everything is understood, orange to say that it is understood only half and red so that it is clear that there is a lot to move forward. 


The Socratic Seminary to verify the comprehension in the classroom is carried out from the reading and analysis of a specific text. We can also use for this technique of verification of comprehension in the classroom, if we want, an image, a song or a video. These questions open a conversation that will create additional answers and questions. Thus, they learn to form questions that address specific topics to facilitate their own discussion and reach a new understanding. 

Teachers can check the level of understanding of the subject following these questions and answers. The most effective way to prove a student’s understanding is to do it while we are developing a lesson. Ask students to fill a questionnaire when the subject has been understood and then try to correct the errors and faults of knowledge will not work because the students will have already passed the page.

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