Chronology Of Torture And Animal Abuse

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Chronology of torture and animal abuse


The records of abuse towards animals throughout the country are increasing day by day which practically forces to reflect on the "moral quality" of Mexican democracy and its "civilizing power". It cannot be denied that civil society is scarce of democratic values ​​of respect. We found that cruelty and abuse have been indifferently accepted throughout this time. Slavery and torture were not challenged by any religion until the 18th century. 


Public torture was the favorite show of the people: executions and burns of bears, bulls and cats were the greatest attractions of the people. Rarely the first book that came to the animal rights market was The Justification of Beasts Ringhts written in 1792 and was published anonymously by its author Thomas Taylor, this book sought to ridicule the claim made of the French Revolution of 1789 and its Declaration of the rights of men and citizenship to extend the rights to women for many this seemed exaggerated for many.

The argument that if women’s rights were accepted would also be acceptable. It has always been assumed that there is a "superiority" of humans about animals, which developed from the question, what kind of animal are we? This question was formulated more than two thousand years ago by Aristotle, who said that a person who could live outside society was ‘a wild animal or a god’. 

In Hindu and Buddhist religions it is prohibited from sacrificing animals; In ancient Egypt there was a "good relationship" with animals; In Jewish and Christian religions, the animal is a creature created by God and maintains a relationship of ‘mutual trust’ with individuals for the Romans, the source of Western legal tradition, distinction between people and things and the assignment of animals to the world of things were crucial. In the Middle Ages, San Francisco de Asís reflected on the human-animal relationship until reaching the brotherhood. 

This idea of ​​considering animals had to go a long way before it became a reality in 1822. When the United Kingdom Parliament approved the first law to punish cruelty towards animals. From that moment on, protective legislation was developed in several countries, demanding adequate food and care, adequate accommodation and sacrifice with vertebrate anesthesia and severely restricted the experiments with them under the principle that ‘no one can cause pain’, suffering or suffering. 

Damage an animal without a good reason because as the philosopher and professor at Harvard University, Robert Nozick mentioned: in the field of animal rights, it is not important to ask whether they can discuss or if they have the opportunity to speak but if They can suffer. In 1978, UNESCO formulated a universal statement of animal rights that was presented by a large group of civil organizations and affirmed in its first article that all animals are born equal to life and have the same. 


Rights of existence. The word rights denotes the treatment that certain subjects that may feel must receive based on the fundamental ethical principle that the duty of not causing suffering on living beings is imposed. It is about seeing living beings as moral subjects and rights holders. It is a radical approach to improve society to end animal cruelty. 

If intelligent and sensitive people have to be released from suffering, then other animals that are also intelligent and sensitive should enjoy the same release. Animal rights do not depend on the laws of nature, but on the laws of the State. In our process of political and cultural change, animals have rights that require legal recognition.                

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