Chronological Analysis In Gender Identity

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Chronological analysis in gender identity


Gender is a social construction, which although we have to point out that the word "gender" comes from the word "gene" or "genes", they wanted to make a different meaning when trying to falsely introduce that there is a homosexual gene;This is obviously a fallacy that has been demonstrated by science that there is no other gene to those who already know that it results in a man and woman.

People who promote gender ideology say this construction has been ominous and forced. The gender from the point of view of ideology is a constructed behavior, but it is very important to make this distinction in three layers: one thing is people, another thing is people’s behaviors and the third is ideology.

People deserve all our respect, people’s behaviors can agree or not, they can even cause controversy, however, they fall into the field of free will.


Gender ideology began with a very important feminist movement that later radicalized and added to this battle for women’s rights to groups of sexual diversity. These groups were empowered feministly and have radicalized it in an absurd way, and finally today the society is buying the argument that all the measures that the State has to apply have to be made under a perspective that addresses the different genres thatexist.

While most of the world rises against gender ideology, its promoters tend to respond that gender ideology really does not exist.

The central idea of gender ideology is that we have sexually been built by our environment and consequently we are called to deconstruct us.

Those who argue that gender ideology does not exist, rarely tell us what they understand by ideology;But ideology has two senses, the classic sense that understands ideology as a set of ideas contrary to reason and science, this conception of ideology has been for example Lan of Carlos Marx;He saw ideology as a mirror through which one saw his inverted image.

Another sense of ideology is provided by political science that understands by ideology a set of ideas that apart from their truth or error serve to mobilize specific social and political groups.  Most of the detractors focus more on the physical-biological part, because sex refers to the biological, which is read through sexual chromosomes, xx (girls) and xy (boys) (boys). 

The Sry of the chromosome and that is the switch gene, is the one that produces this differentiation;That is why we say that sex is not assigned, it is determined in genes, and it is therefore a biological variable. This implies requirements, susceptibilities and anatomical, physiological and genetic differences between men and women who imply situations, problems and exclusive conditions of one of the sexes.

So the question is “Is gender ideology or does not exist?". Without taking the two senses of ideology mentioned above, gender ideology is effectively an ideology.

Not only because it opposes biological science, but also that set of false ideas that serve to catalyze the political mobilization of two specific groups: the most radical feminists on the one hand and LGBT movements for another.

Gender ideology is strictly authoritarian, it is not offered, but is imposed.

Judith Butler says that sex was always gender, with the result that the distinction of sex and gender does not exist as such, which means that until that moment human sexuality is broken down into two great directions, sex on the one hand that corresponds to whatbiological, to the natural of human sexuality, and the genre that corresponds to the cultural, which is the socially acquired of human sexuality.

Human beings are essentially cultural beings, natural beings with cultural capacity, and we culturally differentiate what has already been naturally differentiated, because in distinction there is attraction.

John Money Medical of the Jonh Hopking University of Baltimore played an important role in the development and acceptance of gender feminism, since it was he who began using the word genre with a different meaning from the only grammatical. He argued that what he called a person’s gender identity depended exclusively on the education received and could be different from that person’s biological sex. In one of his works he presented as an irrefutable proof of his theory a case he had witnessed. 

They were two male twins, one of them had suffered an amputation of the penis in a circumcision operation;The parents went to DR. Money, who advised them that it would be best if they were castrated and educate him as a woman. According to the aforementioned doctor, the experiment had resulted in one of the two twins developed a male identity and the other a female identity.

Traditionally, men of politicians, mechanics, bosses have been assigned to men, among others (that is, the productive role), and to women the role of housewives, teachers, nurses, that is, the reproductive role. These gender roles or stereotyped behaviors are often reinforced by the media, which generates violent attitudes by men who in their role of strong sex assume these behaviors as something normal and socially accepted.

Gender policy are strategies based on social sciences to address and eliminate inequalities between women and men, and their actions focus on eliminating gender violence, domestic violence and sexual violence, which impacts the decrease in figuresalarming that we have as a country in the areas of teenage pregnancy, sexual exploitation, child violence and femicides. 

Gender policy promotes actions so that children and adolescents break with gender stereotypes that say, for example, that children do not cry, that children do not play with dolls, that women must look for a man who maintains them, etc. This policy forces the State and society to protect women from violence regardless of their age, social class, religion and sexual orientation.


In conclusion I can say that gender ideology has as many defenders as detractors and does not seem to agree. The problem with gender ideology is not simply that it is an ideology or that it is anti -scientific, the problem is that it represents a serious attack on our individual freedoms. This ideology could not be sustained by the State, there is no gender ideology without statism. As in any country that is applying gender policies, the first thing that can be seen is a constant state expansion at the expense of the individual freedom of its citizens.

It is said that gender ideology offers liberation, but when we turn the page and we find some new prohibition, we find a state overwhelming the individual rights of its citizens, increasing taxes, telling them what to think, what not to think, howTalk and how not to speak. 

No one who truly defends individual freedom can be in favor of an ideology that not only amplifies the dimensions of the State, but also puts the most intimate of the human being that is his conscience. That is why it is essential now more than ever, and taking advantage of the plurality of sources that the Internet offers us, out of ignorance, consult and contrast the information to be able to obtain a truly own and free opinion.

I do not have a position against gender ideology as such, but that it wants to be imposed for the whole society in general. It is clear that each person can feel identified with the genre they prefer and with which they identify more, and that all people outside it must have respect to their decisions, but legalize it as a right which, although it is said thatIt is free (as in other countries) is cost with money from all over the people.     

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