Chinese -Born American: Conversation

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Chinese -born American: Conversation


The American vision is a curious animal that lives most of the US territory. This little animal is also found on the American and Canadian Arctic Coasts. This mink is a semi -communication animal, constantly lives between water and earth. For this reason, he builds his burrows near streams and streams in forested areas. 


Its favorite environments are rocky and humid areas, with ferns that provide refuge. The American vision is a very agile and fast animal, with a light body that allows it to move in narrow places easily. The tail of this small animal is almost as long as its body, which gives it a lot of stability. Like otters, vision has partially palmated legs to move in aquatic environments.

As with many other mustélidos, American minks have sexual dimorphism. This means that males are bigger and heavy than females. A mink weighs on average two kilograms and measures about 60 centimeters. Unfortunately, this animal has long been in severe danger. 

Discover the most important characteristics of small American mink, in addition to its current conservation status. American Vision Characteristics. American vision is a strictly carnivorous animal. For this reason, it feeds mainly of small animals that finds the banks of the water. Your diet consists mainly of small frogs, fish and salamandras. However, the vision also feeds on mice, crabs, and water birds when it manages to catch them. 

Viaons rarely get hunting more a few grains like hares, because they prefer smaller animals. A mainly nocturnal animal, the vision prefers to hunt while the darkness reigns. Because of its size and flexibility, the mink is an excellent hunter. Visions are lonely animals, which spend most of their time without any company. In general, minks are only seen in groups during the mating period. Although during this period the minks appear with several couples, immediately afterwards they live again.

In this way, after 50 days of gestation, the female gives birth of two to eight young. The mink keeps their young alone until 6 months of age, when they become independent and begin to hunt alone. American minks are animals considered beautiful and quite tender. For centuries, the American mink has been hunted to get its soft and uniform fur.

Most of the minks are colors that go from dark brown to black. In general, they have a darker strip on the back. Vision farms and species protection. The American vision is raised in captivity for its beautiful and desired fur. In captivity, due to a careful genetic selection, the minks reach a size that doubles that of a liberty mink.

The mink farm specializes in the exploitation of the most exotic fur colors. In nature it is very unusual to find light colored mouths. On the other hand, the farms have genetically selected the minks to obtain pure colors. These colors vary from white and sacred, to pearl, blue and black. In captivity, a mink reaches its maximum size at about eight months.


Natural disasters, lack of adequate environments and care and volunteer and involuntary liberation of minks have caused many vision populations in unnatural environments for them. Although they are native to North America, the American vision is now in Europe, Scandinavia, Russia, South America and some areas of Asia. In addition to the abuse suffered on the farms, the minks are in danger by hunting. In most of the United States and Canada, minks are a desired award during the hunting season.

Another threat that has seriously affected the American vision is the loss of its habitat. Not only deforestation has eliminated a good part of its natural habitat, the waters of the rivers have been contaminated by toxic waste. Fortunately, vision has been a species defended by various protectionist groups. In the future, the amount of mounts are expected to be reduced.

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