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Children’s text books


Time changes as the year progresses and every time one of these changes occurs a different season arrives. Children can learn about the seasons of the year because they have heard of them, however they are often unaware of what characterizes each of them. Children’s books are one of the best tools to show this series of concepts. If we also use as family activities as a complement, both will become the perfect tandem so that the little ones know more about summer, winter, spring and autumn.


Children’s books on the seasons of the year are mainly destined for the first readers. For this reason, this collection of four titles has no text and its importance is based on the wonderful illustrations of its pages. By not containing text, it can also be a fantastic tool to use with the pre – readers and that this collection of titles becomes a book to search and find. All illustrations will be related to the season of the year to which the title of the collection refers, since there is a title for each:

  • The summer book
  • The winter
  • The Book of Spring
  • The Book of Autumn

These books will also be suitable to develop the imagination of children, since having a pattern to follow, they can imagine hundreds of different stories with the characters that are found in them. Unlike the titles we recommended in the previous point, this book contains small short phrases having the first readers destination. In this way the target audience is expanded because they can enjoy it both for pre – readers for their wonderful illustrations with a lot of details and to practice reading those that begin to read.

The protagonist of this fantastic enlightened album is an owl that will accompany the readers throughout the stations and showing the different things that occur in each of them. Undoubtedly a great book to enjoy with a family with a lot of color, good illustrations and the technique of the trochalado to give one more fun of fun to its pages. A different way of knowing the stations of the year and the elements attached to each of them is through poetry. And of these poems is composed ‘the four songs’ including among their verses the flowers, snow or leaves as outstanding elements of each station.

Different, very striking illustrations complement this fantastic enlightened album that will call the attention of the little ones for their rhymes and their rhythm. One of the objectives of children’s books is to entertain and entertain the little ones. And for this reason ‘The party of stations’ is a book full of fun and entertainment while through its pages a lot of information is discovered. Kitchen recipes, riddles, poetry and endless more of different activities await you between the pages of this book.

In addition to explaining the different elements that are identified with each season, it also includes another type of information equally important that children should associate: the clothes that should be used in each station, the special days of the year that are said ofa certain station, the food of the season. This is a very complete and great book to work with the little ones complementing it also with the crafts we were talking about at the beginning.

The stations, this book contains all the aspects that most usually attract children’s attention: animals, seasons of the year and nature. And it is that the seasons of the year mark the rhythm of life of people, but also of animals, plants and nature that we find around us. A fantastic way that children understand it is to use this book and show them the cycle of life and adaptation of each according to the station in which we are.


As we previously indicated the stations mark the life cycle of everything and everyone. In this book we will find information through their images and text with the objective that the little ones observe, discover and relate concepts. In this way your curiosity will be resolved in the best possible way: through a book and in a very funny way.

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