Children’S Rights At School

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Children’s rights at school


As indicated by the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) “around the world, about 130 million students who include the ages of 13 and 15 years of age suffer bullying (bullying);It is recorded that three out of ten teenagers from 29 countries in Europe and North America (17 million) admit that harass others in school ”. Then, the United Nations Educational, Science and Culture Organization, UNESCO in a study conducted in 2015 by the PISA Program (Program for the International Student Evaluation) and published in 2017 by the OECD (Organization ofCooperation and economic development).


He points out that bullying is one of the biggest problems present in schools. This study took a sample of 540.000 15 -year -old students in 72 countries;The results revealed that 11% of the students claim. On the other hand, it is evident that the female gender has greater vulnerability to physical aggressions, compared to the male gender. 

However, 9.2% of girls and 7.6% in boys said they were a victim of psychological harassment that appears unpleasant rumors;Within the negative effects 42% of students feel intruders in school regarding school absenteeism and a weak feeling of belonging to school, while 15% talk about not having presented any type of harassment. In short, victims of bullying consider that they are less satisfied with their lives. In Colombia the rights and duties of children have been strengthened including them in the Constitution.

They are fundamental rights of children: "They will be protected against all forms of physical or moral violence". Colombia wanted to provide this protection to this population which has been silently violated according to the statistics presented by international entities, although at that time in the creation of this article, sufficient cases of bullying were not evidenced or did not focus too muchIn this public problem. The extension of time to implement different laws against school violence is evident.

Until Law 1098,2006 was generated, art. 18 stating: “Right to personal integrity. Boys, girls and adolescents have the right to be protected against all actions or behaviors that cause physical, sexual or psychological death, damage or suffering ”. The childhood and adolescence code in article 18 refers that humiliation or physical or psychological abuse is treated as child abuse, which its purpose is that children and adolescents have adequate development in a family and community breast, in community, in community,in happiness environment.

Love and understanding allowing this population to have recognition of human equality and dignity, without any discrimination, but in this case educational institutions also have responsibilities to ensure the duties and rights of children. In Law 1098, 2006. Art. 44 mentions: “Effective protect children and adolescents against all forms of abuse, physical or psychological aggression, humiliation, discrimination or mockery from other classmates or teachers." 

Thus compromising educational institutes including the campus such as the rector, coordinator and teachers to strengthen respect, equality, principles and values in the home, self – esteem, acceptance to equality and provide support to all students whenThese need it or when necessary. The project is useful for generating a broader idea of the prevalent characteristics in equal violence, this being a problem of great importance in the public schools of Bucaramanga.


Allowing to know if the incidence and development of bullying in educational environments and the affectation at a personal and social level in students who suffer and practice this phenomenon. The results of this project will give great contribution to the problems that are affecting school coexistence, seeking strategies and programs to improve and possibly change the student climate.

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