Children’S Books About The Family

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Children’s books about the family


Family diversity today is one of the most current issues and debate. Gone is the family concept formed by a woman, a man and her children. These books are also ideal for dealing with other issues related to the family: the arrival of a brother for a child, divorces between parents. These types of situations are very common in everyday life and sometimes children do not understand the reason for these. That is why today we want to leave you a series of children’s books about the family that some of these issues deal with and will be ideal for specific moments of children’s life.


Children’s books about family. The family: in addition to being a book – game and therefore have the possibility of autonomy of the child and interaction of this with history, it will be one of the best children’s books about the family that your child can have. In this book there is a place for 80.000 different families! Yes, you read it right. Therefore among its pages the little ones can create single -parent families, families formed by two women or two men. In this book all families have a place and are respected, even pets are welcome. My family is from another world!. One of the children’s books on more fun families and counted with more tenderness is undoubtedly. 

Family diversity is the main theme of the seven families that through their pages are presented. The main objective of this book is that children are able to understand and respect every different family that exists, in addition to knowing that the really important thing in each of them is that there is love between them. One more: ‘one more’ reflects one of the most difficult times in the child’s child stage: the arrival of a little brother. In a simple way with a repetitive and recommended structure for over three years, it will become one of the favorite stories of the little ones.

Also telling that the protagonist is an animal, very important aspect for them. The doubts and questions that they all ask before the expected moment are the main plot of this wonderful album whose illustrations will love the whole family for their softness and tenderness. More children’s books about family. Cloe wants to be a mother: another current issues and that must also be addressed and understood by the little ones based on her age is the idea that a woman who does not have a partner wants to have children through artificial insemination. Through a beautiful Cle.

Welcome to the family: the arrival of a child to the world can be done in different ways and that is exactly what this fantastic book is about. Adoption, natural part or reception families among other issues will be addressed throughout its pages in addition to knowing different types of families. The great book of families: through fun illustrations the passage of the pages of this book will make the child know different families with totally different characteristics, but which must be respected. The objective of this book is for the child.


As a positive aspect at the end of its pages the child will find a blank section so that he can draw his own family. The things that Fran likes, one of the children’s books on the most different family. The principle of this story begins with Carlota, the protagonist girl, speaking of her mother and her new boyfriend, Fran. However, as the pages pass and at the end of the story it is revealed that Fran is not a boy, but is actually a girl named Francisca. The fun of this story and the beautiful values that he wants to teach is that regardless of the person who falls in love with Carlota’s mother, tastes can be the same.  

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