Children’S Books About Adoption

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Children’s books about adoption


The reasons that lead a family or a person adopt a child are different. From that moment on everything is happiness and joy for the arrival of a new member to the house. However, on many occasions, a great doubt assails the parents of the small future: how will we explain that he is adopted? What is the best age or moment for it? Some doubts that almost all families in this situation arise and that through children’s literature and these books on adoption can be easier to respond or just introduce the subject to deal with children.


Children’s books on adoption. Infinite chocolate: one of the best children’s books on adoption to deal with the subject with the little ones is published by Editorial SM. An endearing illustrated album for children between three and five years that will love both children and older. The former will be easily identified with the doubts and fears of the protagonist and the latter will make them understand the feelings of children at the same time to understand to what extent they come to understand the situation. The story is located shortly before the arrival of Christmas.

Where Paula the protagonist and narrator of the story, very important aspect to see everything through the eyes of the girl herself, see how her parents begin to check and put very small clothes. What is happening? Will your parents come to the Night of Kings arrive? Will kings bring you the gift you have asked for? Everything will be resolved that precise day, when their parents arrive from the trip accompanied by a small chocolate and curly hair skin. Just what Paula had asked!. My shi yu: totally different from the previous book but with the same theme in common: adoption. 

In this case, the story focuses on the opposite side where we will meet Mishiyu an orphan child looking for a family. This is a beautiful book where all the feelings that arise from the waiting of an adoption and the moment in which it comes: fear, hope and joy. Finally Mishiyu will find a woman who will decide to adopt it and together they will know and discover their feelings until they form a beautiful and wonderful family. An enlightened album whose illustrations, worth the redundancy, will leave no one indifferent for the emotion of their strokes.

So much so that in 2015 this book won the Junceda Award, awarded by the Professional Association of Illustrators of Catalonia. I arrived from, children’s books on international adoption. Although we have already talked about international adoption with the title ‘Infinite Chocolate’ on this occasion we want to show you an entire collection of books dedicated to this specific topic. The Editorial La Galera has created this collection in which it focuses each of its titles in a different country showing its customs, its geography and more common things in the country. The objective of these books is that adopted children also feel close to their roots.

And know the process by which the person who has adopted them has had to pass until they reach them. More children’s books on adoption. Why was not I in mom’s tummy? One of the most common photographs to teach the little ones is that of their pregnant mother and explain the entire process until her birth. But with children who have been adopted these photographs do not exist. For this reason this fantastic book arises to explain to the little ones in a different way full of love and tenderness adoption. What color is my butterfly?


One of the best ways to explain the adoption process is to have lived it personally and this is what led the two authors of this book, María Martín and Mercedes Moya, to write this story. In addition, this children’s book also focuses on other aspects related to this that are often crucial: the children of the Valentina College, the protagonist of the story, tell her that her parents are not truly they. The importance of this story lies in treating adoption in a simple way for children giving them ‘a special gift’ through butterflies.  

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