Children’S Activities In Song

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Children’s activities in song


Monday, we start the activity by singing the “my personal presentation” allowing all children to learn the song and correctly make the movements it asks in it. We organize the chairs in Media Luna and invite children to sit in their chairs to read the story "My clothes is neat" at the end of the story we will make a small reflection on the teaching that the story leaves us and it will be explained about the presentationstaff. With the help of the story we will motivate the children to carry an adequate personal presentation to attend the garden.


We invite children to their work tables and pass a paper box to make some folding of a garment, they will do it with the help of the teacher. At the end of each child, he will go ahead and exhibit his work before his teammates. Then we invite children to play “in hidden” but before starting the game we announce that several rules must be met. To start the game, several clothing on the room will be hid. At the end of the activity we congratulate the children we give him a heart that will take him home.

Tuesday, we start the activity singing the song "Food are healthy" we motivate the children to sing and accompany the song with the palmitas. We organize the children in front of the theater so that they can observe and enjoy the work of puppets given by the teacher. In the puppet work the good manners will be announced. At the end of the work, a small reflection will be made and children will be explained to the importance of implementtable. 

We invite children to the dining room and the teacher will explain how they have to put in the manners taught. We invite children their work tables, the teacher will ask children to draw the elements in the dining room, tables, dishes etc. And in the end they colored them creatively. We invite children to play the dynamite "El Dance de la Silla" the teacher will announce the children that in the game there are rules that must be met as: Do not push the partner, dance, sit well in the chair etc. The game consists of dancing and stopping music children will have to sit well in their chair and whoever runs out will lose the game.

In such a way that they will have to be well attentive not to lose the game and the most important thing to respect the rules established in the game. Finally we congratulate children for their great achievement. Wednesday, we start the activity with the dynamics "My personal toilet is the best" the dynamic consists of singing the song and performing the movements that you ask in the song, wash your face, hands the head etc. We invite children to sit in front of the TV so that they can be comfortable to enjoy the video “personal care and hygiene” at the end of the video will make a small reflection on the teaching that the video leaves. 

The teacher will locate a table in the center with several toilet implements such as champo, cloths, toilet paper, dental cream, brush, etc. And be a small dramatization about the importance of staying neat explaining to children what is due washing and due tooth brushing. Children are invited to go to the bathroom and soap will be provided to carry out the hand washing process correctly and the teacher will also teach the correct form of tooth brushing, motivating them to perform their procedure in the best way. We locate children at their work tables and a file will be provided.

The toilet implements and some other objects will be located on the tab and will ask the children to color only the cleaning implements. We invite the boys to play the motor game "The elements of toiletTo govern the child to the child behind, but without turning it is done back so that each child passes each element and the one that passes the element will rise and go back to sit down, the elements of cleaning will be the soap ofhands, brush, comb, etc.

At the end of the activity we will congratulate the children for their great achievements and we will draw in their hand a happy face. Thursday, we start the activity singing the song "I take care of my personal things" we motivate the children to sing and make the movements you ask in the song. We invite the children in front of the pedagogical atmosphere and the teacher tell the story "The Happy Trapito" at the end of the story will ask reading comprehension questions and a small reflection will be made about the teaching that the story leaves us. The teacher explains that in the garden children have to take care of the garden objects.

Because they are objects that are not belonging to them and therefore they must take care of them so that they are not damaged or lost, it is also explained that they must take care of the elements that are of their belonging such as: Cartcharte, colors, suitcase and clothes. We move on to the work tables so that the children draw the implements that are in the service unit and the objects of their belonging and color creatively, at the end we will publish their work in the mural to expose them. We make several corners of several children’s belongings to play the game "The King Manda" the teacher will say the king commands that the child takes the chair and locates it instead.

In such a way that the child will have to go to the corner through the element and locate it as appropriate its place. Several elements will be located such as suitcases, sacks, brush, comb, glass etc. At the end of the teacher, he congratulates the children for their great motivation and participation. Friday we start the activity singing the song “My cleaning is important” motivating the children to learn the song and accompany it with the palmitas. We locate the children in front of the TV so that the video “I take care of myself” can be seen, finishing several questions to the children about the teaching that the story leaves us by making a small reflection so that the children identify the importance of personal toilet. 

The teacher creatively explains to the boys and girls what is the colita toilet procedure, I will tell the children that they have to use three papers and the teacher will be observing their procedure to carry out the personal toilet in the best way. We invite children to move on to the bathroom and the teacher creatively with two pumps from the chair will explain to the children what is the cleaning procedure of the colita, the paper will pass through the pumps explaining what the procedure isFor adequate and motivates the children to fill the dirty paper in the appropriate canecas, at the end we will give them soap for hand washing, so that each child will sit in the chair and imitate the steps to see their tail.


We invite the children in their work tables and we will pass a child of a child without clothes and the teacher will pass the respective clothing to be seen with the garments made in silhouette paper so that they put into practice all the duties of cleaning andpersonal presentation. The song is placed I do not want to bathe and we will invite all the children to dance and make the movements that teachers will make, at the end he will ask the children that what the song says and they will answer that it is not right,In such a way that a song that says I like cleaning and dancing with more enthusiasm and joy in such a way that everyone participates there are easily integrated there.

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