Children From Heaven

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Children from heaven

The idea of the film arose to the Iranian director Majid Majidi following a real life story.

Two brothers who lived amid the desolation in a small neighborhood of Tehran had to share a couple of shoes because their parents had no money so that each one had their own, reflecting in that film as the characters face each circumstance through which they passWith hope, showing shock of how everything takes place even even a couple of shoes, presenting a blunt film where you can see the values of humility, friendship, solidarity, loyalty, respect and motivation when trying to do everything that this isin his hands to make his sister happy, and everything he suffers to achieve it.

These values are clearly identified in the passing of the film when they discover that one of the companions of his school found the shoes, and when he followed her to his house he realizes that the Pope of the girl is blind, so he leaves theidea of stealing them since she realizes that she needs them more showing in that little act solidarity and empathy when she was aware of the situation through which the other person passed. Likewise, respect and loyalty is observed, since despite the misunderstandings that arise with their family, they are loyal with each other, reflecting the respect and love they have, presenting there an example of union, support, helpingIn everything that could both family, friends, as well as society.

The children of heaven is a film that in addition to everything mentioned above evidences how the social context influences our actions and behavior, showing how it goes hand in hand with the goals or objectives that we do not propose, leading us to reflect on what we provide tosociety, the values that we reflect. Since these are the main axis of history and must also be those of our life, such as respect, friendship, trust, perseverance, wanting to help and be willing to cooperate whatever the situation.

This film contains a high social content, where the positive side of the human being is present, where goodness perseverance and understanding of two children moves us and makes us sensitive and grateful to the little things that life gives us. Highlighting the fundamental role that motivation and hope plays in this story which leaves us a great teaching that, despite adversities, failures or for the situation that is happening we have to be clear about our dreams and objectives and notSimply for an obstacle giving up what you want struggle and motivation are essential to achieve what we propose in life.   

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