Children Concerned About Their Body Image

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Children concerned about their body image

We all know about the growing concern that adolescents share about their physique. But perhaps this trend is pending at the earliest ages of what we imagine, because the number of children concerned about their body image is increasing.Children concerned with their body image clear that when we arrive at puberty we become more aware of our own image and begin to worry about how we see ourselves physically.T

Oidos parents are, naturally, pending the behavior of their children when this stage is approaching, in order to provide guide and avoid possible complications.However, perhaps we should focus on the most young generations. Various studies have shown that children are increasingly concerned about these issues. A significant number of children under 7 years of age is disgusted with their own body image and considers that it should be different. In addition, for this age one in four children has followed some type of diet.More and more children are dissatisfied with their image and with a high level of anxiety to fulfill the social canons of beauty. Although this concern is greater in girls, it affects both sexes.

The self-concept between the age of five and the age of nine when the image that the child has of himself begins to be based. self-concept or self-image is the idea that the child has both his body and her personality and can become both a risk and protection factor as built.A child with a high concept of himself will be less vulnerable to external influences and opinions of others. If she has learned to meet, love and accept in her foundations, it is more difficult for society to stagger her self-concept.

On the other hand, a child with a poor and fragile image of himself, will be more prone to governing himself by the external approval and to base her value on what the others think of him. In addition, you will have an increased risk of not accepting your defects or valuing your virtues, but you will feel the need to seek perfection.What influences the formation of self-image?In the formation of this self-concept, various factors of great importance are involved.Your closest environment. As always, the child’s closest people are those who usually have a greater influence on their life. If the little one sees the people around her excessively concerned about body image, he will internalize this concern. If he observes her mother making negative comments about her own body or commenting on the child’s physique, he will acquire the same beliefs.The media and social networks. Both constitute very relevant sources of influence. Through the media we see ourselves bombarded (adults and children) with images of ‘unreal’ people, retouched and unattainable. However, these are the canons to which we are told we must aspire. 

These perfect bodies generate great frustration in the little ones since they do not fit in that ‘ideal’ and makes them feel inappropriate.Toys. Even action dolls or barbies constitute an unrealistic and healthy model for children, showing impossible measures for both girls and boys.The key is the prevention of we have commented, the influence will not be the same for all children. It will be especially for that more vulnerable sector that these factors could lead to consequences as serious as a food disorder.Therefore it is essential to work in creating in our children a healthy self-concept since the age of three. For this we must always emphasize health instead of aspect, advocate for the beauty of diversity and act as models that love and accept your body.It is also necessary that we choose entertainment that shows realistic characters and question the stereotypes, as well as questioning them every time we have the opportunity.

Finally, we have to pay attention to our children’s behaviors. If we see them excessively pending of their image or that of others, if they are critical or derogatory with the image of someone or if they stop doing certain activities for feeling insecure with their body, perhaps it would be time to seek professional guidance.

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