Chihiro’S Trip: A Movie To Remember

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Chihiro’s trip: a movie to remember


Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi, known as "Chihiro’s trip" in our language (or "Spirited Away" in Anglo -Saxon countries), is considered one of the best budget of 1500 million yen (15 million dollars). The date that was set for the premiere of the film was in July 2001. Directed and with a script by Hayao Miyazaki, under the artistic direction of Yōji Takeshige, with a production of Toshio Suzuki. With the voices of Rumi Hiiragi (Chihiro), Miyu Irino (Haku) in the papers of the protagonist, co -star and Mari Natsuki (Yubaba/Zeniba) in the voice of antagonist. "Chihiro’s trip" is Studio Ghibli’s masterpiece.


In turn, the most valued animation film most valued by the public and criticism around the world. With a sensational collection in Japan and with more than thirty awards behind him, he stands as the most round feature film in the filmography of Hayao Miyazaki, and one of the most important milestones of the production of the Japanese animation study. "Chihiro’s journey" is born in a phase in which, given the difficulty through the Studio Ghibli, Miyazaki reflects on the value of work in a less spiritual day society. In interviews with Hayao Miyazaki he confesses that the film would be based on a friend’s ten -year -old daughter.

Who was going to visit his home every summer, is precisely why "Chihiro" seems so real and the movie reaches people of all ages. It has a type of animation that is a work of art, not being the common of Japanese production and also the range of colors that uses it very striking for all audiences. Studio Ghibli demonstrated, once again, that animation could also be vaporous, wild, spiritual, melancholic and full of philosophical lessons. As well as in "Princess Mononoke", Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli staff experienced with computer animation. 

The team learned to use software, but maintaining technology at a level that enhance the story and not to "steal the scene". Each character was almost completely drawn by hand, with Miyazaki working with his animators to make sure everything marched well. Hayao Miyazaki was born on January 5, 1941 in Tokyo (Japan). He is an illustrator, animator, director, screenwriter and Japanese film producer. His first film feature film was "Cagliostro Castle". In 1985 he created the Ghibli study with Isao Takahata and in 1986 he premiered "La Fortaleza Celeste". 

Later he filmed "My neighbor Totoro", "Nicky, the witch’s apprentice" and "Porco Rosso". However, Miyazaki did not reach the general public until the premiere of "Princess Mononoke", a film with excellent critical reception in the United States. From that moment on, Hayao Miyazaki’s animation feature films were welcomed with admiration in the West, especially “Chihiro’s trip” a film that won the Oscar Award for the best animated film. This last film addresses the genres of fantasy, supernatural, adventure and drama, which makes it a range of emotions and that keeps you expectant during the 125 minutes that is hard.

The film’s soundtrack was composed by Joe Hisaishi, composer with whom Miyazaki usually works. Hisaishi is an orchestra director and has composed more than one hundred sound bands. In this case, it was the New Japan Philharmonic in charge of making sound to the composer’s notes. The film tells the chronicle of a girl who is trapped in a magical and ancestral world, in which she will have to survive working in a typical Japanese thermal bath of gods. "The trip of Chihiro" Hande, narratively and conceptually, its roots in Japanese folklore before the perspective of a new century. Its protagonist, and with her all the spectators.

They are witnesses of a world in which tradition and spirituality live separated from our reality. In this, the Japanese tradition comes to rest its innkeepers and relax in a gigantic bathroom, escaping the agitated life to which they were condemned by humans. In this film we can witness the traditional imaginary Japanese spiritual world in which Kamis and Yōkai of all kinds coexist. The former refer to entities equivalent to what we know as deities that can also mean the power of nature of nature. The latter are creatures between demons and spirits of changing and magical nature. 

Creatures whose graphic creation is completely imagination of Miyazaki, since they do not have a definite form: they are the incarnation of the forces of nature, they are trees, stones, plants or rivers. For several critics "Chihiro’s trip" is the greatest exponent, in the career of Miyazaki, of Japanese culture, of the value of the roots, respect for traditions, and at the same time it is a vision since the 21st century. Of the 22 feature films that the Studio Ghibli has, 15 are starring women, strong, whether leaders or warriors. But in this movie we have a weak and skinny girl who hardly has the image of a heroin.

Thanks to the self-discovery of this young fighter in a world of magical gods, in order to recover his parents and return to his real world the spectator witnesses a deep reflection on ancestral values. The difference between the divine and the real, respect for nature, the power of the word, the importance of the past, knowledge. In my opinion, I recommend this movie, since in my opinion it has everything that a good movie must have, good plot, excellent music, an animation that attracts attention, as the characters are drawn. It is not a movie that will seem boring because it will be constantly in history. 

One of the aspects that I like most about this work is the great adventure in which it immerses you. Chihiro must go through many things to be able to return healthy and save his world, knowing in the course of several very curious characters and showing himself a tremendous courage. It is a story too interesting, since although the objective of the protagonist is quite simple, to everything he must face in this spiritual world is very entertaining to see. It is quite inspiring as she managed to solve every problem that was presented to her, they give her a good dynamism. 

In addition, it is not at all predictable, since the originality and magic of this strange world that present us completely absorb attention. The characters that present in the feature film also help to create this attraction towards the plot. Even if many of them do not even speak, they become pleasant for their expressions, funny moments or the help they give to the protagonist. Aesthetically it is wonderful. For those who do not know much about the Ghibli Studio the design of characters can be a bit shocking, but it is something that can quickly get used to. 


That innocent contrast against grotesque is very curious to see. On the other hand, drawing, animation and music are magnificent, has an impressive amount and excellent animation quality. Musicalization is crazy to such an extent that it generates that need to look for it on a music platform to be able to listen to it again, since they manage to create a spectacular setting. To conclude this review, I find that it is a very easy and entertaining movie to see. It happens very fast, because it has a good rhythm that achieves that hitch that one expects from a good movie and that keeps attention at the slope of what is happening. But neither does it feel hurried, it takes time with the scenes that require it and manages to maintain harmony throughout the course of this.  

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