Charismatic Leadership, Critical Study

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Charismatic leadership, critical study


Nowadays, to be driving about the qualities of a charismatic leader symbolizes such a repetitive and super -ear concept in which most people, if not all, believe they are scholars on the subject and even sometimes they mean having a full knowledge about it. But this is not entirely true, because these qualities cover an extensive field, based not only on being "good people".

Precisely, let’s dialogue from these qualities, according to, a true charismatic leader is aware of the qualities he possesses, as well as the responsibility with which he must handle and put into practices said characteristics that make it distinguish from others, these qualities can be innate ordeveloped over time. Through this little monograph we want the reader to be aware of everything that these qualities of a charismatic leader imply. Here we will see as simple questions as what is the charisma?, The types of characteristics and qualities that this type of leader possesses, we will also talk about the elements linked to the aforementioned. A successful charismatic leader will contribute to society in a continuous and constant improvement, since these people are visionary and realistic, willing to face any inconvenience presented. And together we will give you some advice to develop that leader that we all carry inside, finally adding a general conclusion.

What is charismatic leadership?

Among all types of existing leadership today, charismatic leadership is distinguished from among them. Moreover, in those contexts where the goals that are desired to fulfill depend on the relationship established between the leader and the other people of such a group. The charismatic leader tends to stand out in various sectors such as politics, sales, business management, etc. Since people who follow them feel comfortable with their personality and being in their surroundings.

But what is the "charisma"? According to Pérez, V. Charism is a quality that may well be innate or acquired, distinguishes people who possess it, since they easily attract other subjects since they enjoy a magnetic personality. Emphasizing that there is currently no exact definition for this quality, various definitions can resemble.

How to identify a charismatic leader?

Definitely the charismatic leader has characteristics that distinguish him from other leaders, such as autocratic and bureaucratic, where the voice and authority management predominates. However, it can possess the same characteristics as other types of leaders such as proactive and participatory, which if we get it with a visionary, dazzling, attentive personality and that ease that distinguishes the charismatic leader from reaching various peoplewhatever the context. We obtain a personality that can function in any field is this personal, professional, work and social.

Qualities of a charismatic leader

A very charismatic true, is aware of the qualities he possesses, as well as the responsibility with which he must handle and put into practices such characteristics that make it distinguish from others.

He knows that it is also important to continue improving if there are these characteristics since this will not only allow himThey trust their abilities.

3.1. Happy and friendly

It is knowledge that the key to reach other people is in the attitude and trust you generate in the other or other people. Because the atmosphere of harmony generated by the charismatic leader is one of its main qualities.

3.two. Optimistic

Despite being a realistic person, he is delegated to promote various means to conclude each planned situation or project that presents any type of inconvenience, providing different favorable positions that contribute to an improvement together. Adding that, sometimes they get the role of motivators of the team.

3.3. Proactive

Charismatic leaders have a common idea, one cannot get stuck alone in the complaint. Thus, the charismatic leader proposes, makes contributions and lays projects or solutions for certain mishaps that have been presented.

3.4. Empathic

If this type of leader is distinguished from something, it is the quality of thinking about others, but there is not all, but in addition to that they think like others. They want to have different perspectives that allow them to contribute to a joint improvement and not only imposing their thoughts and convictions. His stay in any field is very clear and is to serve others.

3.5. Visionary

Not only accept people as they are but also try to show him that they could improve and enhance their qualities, making they feel satisfaction of their person and improve their yields to meet the objectives set. Since in an environment of harmony, effective performance and good teamwork, it is very clear that the results will be expected.

3.6. The trust

It is not necessary to emphasize that these leaders have confidence in themselves and their abilities, so that facing, dealing with and repairing any complication, for them it does not mean an inconvenience but rather it is an opportunity for overcoming. What is important to highlight is that this coincidence turns out to be very important and useful when solving a problem.

3.7. Modesty

As it has been observed throughout this presentation, the charismatic leader is possessor of multiple qualities and despite this does not lose the humility that also characterizes it. He does not believe that by having these outstanding faculties, this makes it superior to others. In addition, it makes people belonging to their group led by him, know their value and contribution to the team.

Advantages of a charismatic leader

For Journal Management, the advantages of being a charismatic leader, are the following:

When a leadership change occurs, this type of leader unlike others generates less conflicts or mishaps, since it easily adapts to any field and makes others also adapt.

In labor aspect, it creates motivation in workers, since the attitude he poses and puts into practice, makes the other workers feel inspired.

In correlation with the previous point, due to this inspiration generated and then put into action of the workers, they enhance their qualities, so that a better performance together is obtained.

Regarding the climate that these leaders generate, it is very harmonious. Since, the attitudes that it possesses benefits and contributes to others to feel comfortable with their person or their mere presence.

In addition to joining people who are around him or not belonging to his group.

If any change is being experienced that can have an impact on negative consequences, this type of leader is the best option for this occasion since before this type of event the charismatic leader may make this change feel that this change is not negative, it is more, he attributes thatThe changes are always good and will take the maximum possible advantage, not only him but together with the group with which he is at that time, of any diverse field.

If the objective to be carried out successfully, the charismatic leader not only gives credit of his work but also shares the achievements obtained and shows that the goal was achieved not only through him or thanks to him, but it was inTeamwork, each person belonging to the group helped, participated, did everything to achieve the end that was proposed. He knows that it is not necessary.

Disadvantages of a charismatic leader

For Díaz, R. The disadvantages would be the following:

The mistakes that are made, without being on your own, are usually forgive for the attitudes that he reflects, but this is not entirely correct since if someone makes a mistake, this must be sanctioned.

The achievements that were made may be excessively praised and it can be said that it would generate a fortuitous feeling that is not positive or convenient in any field in which it develops, envy.

You may unintentionally because of their way of being, I get to overshadow others.

Due to the same at the previous point, sometimes the help they provide can generate a certain dependence that is not favorable.

Like the other leaders, the charismatic leader has a lot of weight and responsibility for his team, since others will always expect great things not only with their attitudes, but also with respect to their achievements.


To end all the above, the conclusion to this theoretical research is that in a world where things constantly change, the fundamental pillar for a performance and development that is healthy for the person, is the harmony where each individual goes toDevelop, speaking in a generalized way both personal, professional, work and social.

In my opinion, it is wiseAnd this enhances that for example, in the workplace, it is the prototype of a worker necessary for a company, since it will not only bring fruitful results individually but also jointly with their co -workers. Also, in the professional field, it will motivate their classmates to obtain the achievement proposed as a team and not only that, but will also enhance the skills with which the team counts. And so in the remaining areas, but the leader must be aware that even in this branch of leadership there are factors that can put it at a disadvantage such as the possible dependence that may cause in the people who follow it or also the one that others praise in a wayExaggerated their achievements, and maybe for others, it will be exasperant, creating conflicts and an unwanted climate that could lead to problems, with a feeling to shine, envy.

A successful charismatic leader will contribute to society in a continuous and constant improvement, since these people are visionary and realistic, willing to face any inconvenience presented.    

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