Charismatic Leadership As A Strategy

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Charismatic leadership as a strategy


A good leader leads people where they want to go. A great leader leads them where they don’t necessarily want to go, but they must be. Rosalynn Carter. Strategic leadership is an important role that is handled within a company, it serves to prevent things and conserve flexibility. Next, we present the definition, importance and characteristics that this competition develops.


There are several definitions regarding strategic leadership among them the most relevant are. We find, in the first place, the most outstanding concept according to. Strategic leadership is the ability to anticipate, glimpse and maintain flexibility, as well as knowing how to delegate powers to create strategic change when necessary. Likewise, it is a competition that seeks a high performance of the organization or company, manages various percentages that go hand in hand with the leader and employees.

Strategic leadership is of the utmost importance for an organization. To start, communicate and guide all areas they receive an altered communication and orientation regarding the way to convert the strategy designed into a reality. Also, the adequacy of the organization structure according to Bazán, structural adjustments must be adopted so that the strategy can offer the means for the relationships and integration necessary to obtain synergy effects. Since, opening in the administrative style, you do not work with the traditional way to administer, the way to have a democratic and renovator leadership is sought by using different means.

Among the most outstanding characteristics of a strategic leader we have three. First, it is visionary, since it has a vision, for the environment, service or product, both of the work team, which is then a source of development for the organization or company. Second, it is strong values because it loys about its collaborators through the values it transmits. "The end does not justify the means". The actions must be aligned with their values and those of the organization. And lastly, it is anticipated, it provides changes that occur outside as within the organization. Improves each internal work process.


In conclusion, strategic leadership is a competition that seeks a high performance of the organization or company. It is of the utmost importance, since it communicates and guides, it adapts the structure of the organization and opening in the administrative style. It is characterized that it manages a visionary style, it is strong values and is anticipated. So strategic leadership manages a process and is not a position, seeks the integration of all. It involves all the members of the organization and has a commitment to learn and grow as a team.  

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